Picking a Holiday Plan from Organized Christmas!

I’m a little behind but I figure it’s better to just jump right in and start planning for the Holidays with help from OrganizedChristmas.com.  I’ve used their Christmas Planners in the past, in particular, The Holiday Grand Plan. This year I am going to try The Houseworks Holiday Plan.  Here’s the description given on the website:

“Part book group, part organizing schedule, the Houseworks Holiday Plan is an 18-week holiday plan designed to help you clean and organize your home in time for the holiday season–and take care of seasonal preparations, too.

Beginning at the end of August, the Houseworks Holiday Plan breaks decluttering, cleaning and Christmas organizing chores down into small, weekly bites.

Each week, the plan assigns a cleaning-and-organizing focus based on the book Houseworks, along with a short list of holiday planning chores to chill out seasonal stress before it begins.

You’ll learn to STOP clutter, clean and organize each room in your home. At the same time, you’ll tackle a few holiday preparations each week. The goal: to bring house and home into readiness for the holiday season.”

Follow along with me as I start the journey of organizing my home for the Holidays!


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