The Grocery Game Rocks!

I have been quite sporadic lately with my couponing but today I scored!

I have subscribed to the Grocery Game for a few years now and

have always saved money when I take the time to “play” the game…

Right now I subscribe to the Ralph’s and Rite Aid lists and

here’s how I scored today:

Can I get a drumroll please????

With my Ralph’s club card, E-coupons & paper coupons my verified total

savings came to a grand total of $150.11!!!

My total out-of pocket was $123.10  – woo hoo!!!

You gotta love it when you save more than you spend!!

Here’s my loot from Rite Aid:

With my Rite Aid Wellness Card I saved $22.20 &

my coupon savings were $9.75. My total savings were $31.95

My total out-of-pocket was $16.88 but, on the bottom of my receipt was

$6 in UP rewards that can be used like cash on my next visit!

So that brings my total down to $10.88 – yippeee!!!


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