Reindeer Poop

After posting a:

Homemade Holiday Gifts Linky Party“,

I received a few requests for tutorials on how to create

some of the items.

So, I gathered up my PDF files and am busy working on creating

tutorials for your personal use!

Below are instructions for my “Reindeer Poop”! ¬†Enjoy!


Reindeer Poop ~ Click on this link for a downloadable PDF file

that you may use to create a bag tag for my Reindeer Poop craft.

You can buy small craft bags at a craft store or you can use

disposable baby bottle liners to fill with chocolate covered raisins.

After filling the bag, fold the top down several times &

close with clear tape.  Punch a hole & an eyelet (if desired) into

the tag, thread a small length of ribbon through the hole and tie it.

Attach the tag to the bag with adhesive or double stick tape –

attach the tag to the taped side of your bag to hide the tape…

Now tie a bow and your done!

This gift is great for stocking stuffers, party favors,

white elephant gifts, etc.


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