Sunday Morning on Mulholland Drive, L.A.


This weekend was typical for our family of five…up early Saturday and Sunday mornings

to pack the kids and all of their soccer paraphernilia in the Suburban and out to the soccer fields.

Since half of our games are out of town, we can be found anywhere from

San Diego to Palm Dessert or Corona to Riverside…

This Sunday, we had to travel a bit farther for my oldest daughter’s team

who had a tournament in West L.A…

I was so glad that I had brought my camera so that I could capture

some beautiful vistas, humongous homes and a few landmarks too!

My hubby told me that I looked like Paparazzi, hanging out the car window as I clicked away!

The family also got a kick out of me saying – “Slow down, so I can get a picture of that sign!”

They obviously don’t have the same appreciation for landmarks and signs that I do!







A little big of smog…wouldn’t be L.A. without it!







These homes must have gorgeous views!



Lush landscaping…










Check out the curves on that baby!




Beautiful Climbing Vines…












Neat old Cadillac dealership…

I’ve heard this is one of the best burger joints in L.A.

Since it was too early for a burger at Fatburger, we stopped in at Mel’s Drive In

for an amazing breakfast – yummy!

The kids loved putting quarters in the jukebox and checking out

the paraphernilia on the walls from the movie “American Graffiti”…

many scenes were filmed at this Mel’s Diner!


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