Food Storage Week ~ Houseworks Holiday Plan

Food Storage Week

A peek into my pantry…

I’m moving on to Week 11: Food Storage Week

as I am keeping up with the schedule at Organized Christmas.Com

If you are just joining me and would like to see what we worked on in Weeks 1-10,

click the Houseworks Holiday Plan link in the Categories box on the right side of the page.



I’m fortunate to have slide-out shelves – love them!




With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to get our kitchen’s in order!

This week I will be working on decluttering my refrigerator, freezer(s) and pantry.

Lord knows they all need a good cleaning!





Ugh! One of my least favorite places to clean!


And, with the holiday stock up sales going on at the grocery store,

I need to make sure that my food storage areas are ready to be called into service!



First, I thought you might like some visual inspiration and tips to get you motivated…

Check out what Sarah at  Thrifty Decor Chick has done with her pantry



*Sarah’s Pantry Decrapification here





*Sarah’s New Pantry Doors here



This Week’s Houseworks Checklist – BY CYNTHIA EWER, AUTHOR

  • Declutter, clean and organize food storage areas this week.From refrigerator to freezer, cupboards to pantry, this is the week to cut clutter, clean and organize food storage areas.FIrst priority: a refrigerator clean-out. Make space for holiday cooking by tossing expired bottles and jar, and bring holiday sparkle to the Great White Whale with a top-to-toe cleaning session.In the freezer? We’ll cull the clutter, organize the contents, and make room for holiday baking and the fruits of a freezer cooking session.Finally, dry storage areas deserve a shake-down, too. Toss stale or expired food items, clean shelves and organize the survivors for efficient holiday cooking.Ready? Set … bake!

Inspiration from the Web:

This Week’s Holiday Prep Checklist

  • Clean out the refrigerator. Seasonal cooking requires storage space, so clean out the refrigerator now. .
  • Clean out the freezer. Make-ahead baked goods and holiday freezer meals need room, too. Clean out the freezer to create a home for holiday goodies to come.
  • Set up a freezer inventory. Keep track of your frozen assets with a freezer inventory form.
  • Organize and inventory the pantry. The year’s best sales on staple foods lie just ahead. Know what you need–and make space to store it–with a pantry inventory form. Set aside foods you won’t use to donate to holiday food drives. A
  • Stock up on seasonal staples. It’s loss leader time at the supermarket, as merchants compete for your holiday food dollar. Take advantage of low prices and stock the pantry.
  • Plan potluck meals. If you’re part of family, church or social groups that hold Advent potluck dinners, be ready. Our potluck meal planner will help organize and delegate community dinners.
  • Add freezer meals to the freezer. Whether you do an at-home freezer cooking session, try the new meal assembly franchises or simply cook some extra pots of chili or spaghetti sauce, stow away a few pre-cooked freezer meals. In December, you’ll appreciate having dinner ready to go on busy nights.

This Week’s Christmas Planner Pages to Print:

Freezer InventoryFreezer InventoryPantry InventoryPantry Inventory


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