I Love Me Some Chalkboard Paint!!!!


So if you can’t tell by the title, I am going a little crazy over chalkboard paint right now!

I have found so many interesting things that can be used for a drawing surface!

Pretty soon, I’ll be painting my kids with the stuff!






I love Melissa’s idea of making a refrigerator chalkboard frame here






And these Ceramic Platters with Chalkboard Centers from Pottery Barn….








And Decor Chick’s Coffee Jar here







I found these cute little jars at the Dollar Store recently

so I picked up a bunch of them to use for Christmas gifts….





All I had to do was to tape out a square with painters tape and then spray away…

I did 2 thin coats and they turned out great!  Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy!





Yea!!!! I love how they turned out!







I can think of so many uses ~ hair ties for my nieces, homemade hot cocoa mixes, spiced nuts, coffee, tea….

the list just goes on & on!




And I had to squeeze in one more project before I finished this post!



It was soooo simple!  I just removed the glass from a frame I already had and sprayed away!

Again, it only took two light coats to do the trick!




















Visit thecsiproject.com

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