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I’m moving on to Week 14: Storage Week

as I am keeping up with the schedule at Organized Christmas.Com

If you are just joining me and would like to see what we worked on in Weeks 1-13,

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Here’s some inspiration to get you started!


Organizing the Holiday Decorations: Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Christmas Gift Wrap Storage

Cleaning Up & Clearing Out





This Week’s Houseworks Checklist

  • Organize storage areas. Ransacking a crowded attic is nobody’s idea of a good holiday time. This week, organize household storage areas as you bring forth holiday decorations. Whether it’s attic, garage, closet or shed, take time to tidy up household storage. Inexpensive storage organizers can help keep clutter from creeping into corners–and a neat storage area will make it easier to return decorations to their year-round home at season’s end.

This Week’s Holiday Prep Checklist

  • Begin family Advent observances. Advent begins on Sunday; consider your family’s traditions carefully. New! Will a magic elfvisit your home this year?
  • Complete holiday decorating.
  • Order Christmas ham, roast or poultry.
  • Finish gift shopping. Where you can, wrap as you go to prevent a long night with the tape and ribbons on Christmas Eve.
  • Mail domestic gifts. Just say “no!” to lines at the post office; use USPS.Com to purchase postage, print shipping labels and arrange for carrier pick-up.
  • Check cameras and camcorders Be ready to capture the moment.  Will you need to buy film, batteries, cassettes or storage media?  Add any needed items to the shopping list.
  • Make an under-tree “emergency box”. Use a gift-wrapped box with removable lid.  Placed under the tree, it holds extra bulbs, fuses, ornament hooks and batteries.

This Week’s Christmas Planner Pages to Print

Magic Elf LetterMagic Elf LetterMagic Elf PassportMagic Elf PassportMagic Elf ReportMagic Elf Report

Holiday TraditionsHoliday Traditions


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