Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen

One of my favorite magazines arrived in my mailbox this week ~ Taste of Home!

Their motto is “Real Food From Real Home Cooks.”

I’ve been reading this magazine for years now and always find helpful tips, yummy recipes

and heart-warming stories in each issue.

This month’s issue was packed full of good stuff,

and I thought I would share an article about homemade gifts from the Kitchen.

I’m always looking for new and creative ideas for homemade gifts and this article fit the bill!

It was written by Libby Spicker and she shares her Mom, Susanne’s, holiday gift giving traditions…

Bread is one food item that I have never given as a gift for the holidays ~ what a great idea!

These are jumbo muffins, so you could make one for each member in a family…

Wrap them up in cellophane & a pretty ribbon…

These could be made ahead and frozen until you need a quick gift…

And these delightful little treats could be given as a muffin or dressed up as a cupcake!  Yum!

I thought you might like to have the recipes for these yummy homemade gifts so here you go!

What is your favorite Homemade Gift to give at the Holidays and why?

Do you have a special family tradition?  Or maybe a recipe that people always ask you for?

I’d love you to leave some comments!

Maybe I’ll even do a Homemade Gift linky party in the upcoming days – would you be interested?


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