Nearly There Week

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I’m moving on to Week 16: Nearly There Week

as I am keeping up with the schedule at Organized Christmas.Com

If you are just joining me and would like to see what we worked on in Weeks 1-15,

click the Houseworks Holiday Plan link in the Categories box on the right side of the page.




Houseworks Holiday Plan Week Sixteen





We’re nearly there!

Holiday parties, cooking and a growing sense of excitement mark this week before Christmas.

Around the house, only minimum maintenance is needed this week.

The week’s holiday prep checklist includes the last few chores to get ready for the big day.

Are you ready? A clean and organized home for the holiday season!










Inspiration from the Web:

Traditions: When Is It Time To Change? Sandy Coughlin, The Reluctant Entertainer

Magic Minimum: Cleaning Secret of Busy Families





Beauty and Bedlam





This Week’s Houseworks Checklist

Minimum maintenance.

It’s the organized solution for busy times:

a rock-bottom chore checklist of must-do household chores.

Does your household have one?

Create a minimum maintenance checklist and post it publicly.

Encourage family members to pitch in and share the work.

Delegate, delegate, delegate!






Good Housekeeping





This Week’s Holiday Prep Checklist:

Decorate and wrap baked goods. Ice the sugar cookies, assemble the goodie trays and wrap for giving.

Record a special holiday message for the answering machine.

Start or add to an ornament journal. Many families give children collections of holiday ornaments;

add meaning to the gift with a simple journal page recording who-what-where of each ornament.

Make a Christmas morning box. Think ahead: what will you need when opening gifts?

Include a notepad, pen, scissors, box cutter and plastic garbage bags.

Put together any “assembly required” toys.

Check and organize stocking stuffers.

Place each family member’s gifts in a separate grocery sack so Santa can get a good night’s rest on the 24th.

Hang sacks on clotheshangers in the back of a closet to keep stuffers from prying eyes.

Write letters to Santa. (And keep them. Misspellings and all, you’ll treasure them in later years).




Martha Stewart





This Week’s Christmas Planner Pages to Print

Ornament JournalOrnament Journal


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