Sweet Sixteen Birthday

The day I had been planning for months finally arrived!  And It wasn’t just any birthday party – I planned a surprise sweet sixteen party for my oldest daughter…

Our Candy Bar…

Cupcakes & Cake Balls – YUM!

Surprises are fun but boy are they a lot more work!  I forgot the fact that I would need to hide all of the decorations & such that I was buying…or that I would have to pretend like we were just doing something small for her birthday this year (wow, what a great Mom I am on her 16th birthday!), or that we couldn’t discuss any of the plans in front of her (thank the Lord for evite invitations!)…and basically lie to her the whole month before her birthday!!

These will have to do until she gets her license!

It worked out that she went to camp the week before the party so I waited to do most of the shopping, organizing, baking, etc., till then.  Then, she had a coaching class all weekend (poor thing was exhausted!) so she wasn’t home much while I was cleaning and getting things ready….

I couldn’t believe that we were actually able to pull it off without her catching on!  It helped that we had told her that we were having a small group of family and friends over so she knew to expect a small party.  She is not one to like change so I was a little worried that she might not handle the surprise of so many people coming over after such an exhausting week at camp and then the whole weekend spent in a coaching class…

But she handled it with grace and endurance and impressed me very much with her fun-loving attitude.  It was so fun to see her re-connect with her high school soccer buddies ~ some of whom she hasn’t seen since their season ended in the Spring…what a great group of girls!

And it’s always fun to be able to hang out with our crazy family :’)  Young and older, they provide some great entertainment and fun stories….

We can always count on our friends to keep us in stitches as well!

Thanks everyone for helping to make Kylee’s Sweet Sixteen Party a memorable one!  It was definitely worth all of the hours of preparation & mystery!

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