Getting Organized for the New School Year

Here in So Cal we have a little over a week left of summer vacation…

once again summer has slipped away far too quickly!

So, in anticipation of homeschooling all three of my kiddos this year (12, 15 & 16),

I decided I’d better start getting everything organized…

The photo above shows how I organized the books into individual bins for my three kiddos…

That way, they can pick up their bin and take it wherever we decide to do school on any given day…

And the bins can be stored in their room and out of my kitchen at the end of each school day!

You might be interested in reading my earlier post about curriculum

Extra supplies I will store in my closet…you’ve got to stock up when the back to school sales are so great!

My “Desk Apprentice” from Staples…my new favorite organizer!

After seeing how other’s on Pinterest used their’s for homeschooling, I knew I just had to have one!

It’s amazing the amount of supplies this puppy holds!

No more rummaging through drawers and cabinets looking for supplies…

Once I’ve got it placed in it’s new home, I’ll share a photo…

I’m hoping to use a spot on my kitchen counter, close to the kitchen table where we do most of our schoolwork.

Now I’ve got to go organize the kitchen counter to make room for my new toy!


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