Study Desk Update!

It’s taken a little longer than I expected to finish our desk project.

Click here to see the entire post with beginning stages…

Before I show you the next steps, I have a few pointers!

*Have a damp rag nearby to wipe down your piece in between sandings

*Before painting, be sure to clean your floor/work area of any debris ~

This is crucial as the smallest particles of dust & dirt will manage to find their way onto your freshly painted piece of furniture!

*Be sure to sand in between coats of primer & paint so that your finish will turn out nice and smooth…

Here it is with a couple of coats of primer and a couple of coats of paint…

Most of the bloggers that I follow say that Kilz is the best primer, so that’s what I used!

I wish I would have taken the time to have it tinted so that it wouldn’t have taken so many coats of black paint to cover it….oh well!

My friendly Lowe’s paint man recommended Valspar’s Interior Kitchen & Bath Enamel in black for a durable finish….

I used a small foam roller on the drawer fronts…..

I used the same small foam roller on the top.  I highly recommend dismantling the top of the desk from the base as it is so much easier to sand & paint!

This was after two coats of paint….one more coat should do it!

I was going for a slightly distressed look so I sanded the edges that I wanted to look a little more worn, in between each coat of paint –

you will see the look I was going for in a bit…but first…

I also read from my fellow bloggers that it is imperative to use a Polycrylic Protective Finish to protect all of my hard work!

I’ve never used this product before so I was very surprised to see how thin the consistency was.

I decided to use a nice bristle brush to paint it on with as I’ve heard it leaves less streaks than a roller….

It went on with a sort of milky look to it and dried clear.

This is the almost finished product!

You can see where I’ve distressed the drawer fronts….

And yes, we are going to put knobs back on it!  My hubby needs to drill some new holes for the new hardware to fit properly….

This photo is a little blurry – sorry!

I can’t wait to put all of the knobs on!!

My son loves his new desk!

I’m hoping that with all of our hard work & sweat, it will hold up through his teenage years….

If not, he can be the one to sand & re-paint it!!!!

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