My Favorite iPhone Christmas List App!

I absolutely love the Christmas List app for the iPhone created by Limbua

  I downloaded mine for free!

The first thing you will want to do is to set a password…

to keep those sneaky eyes from peeking!

On this page you can see the budget that you’ve set for each person…You can organize people into groups…I did one for our immediate family, one for Grandparents & one for my Sis & Brother-In-Law’s family….

Here is  a look at the “Family” group where you can see the individual lists.  You can choose a pre-loaded picture for each person or upload your own.

On this page you can keep track of all the info you need

for each individual gift:

Name of the item, store(s) it can be found out, price

and even a photo of the gift.

The Christmas List is pre-loaded with the most popular retailer,

but if you need to you can always add your own too.

You can also switch to “Store View” so that you can get a complete gift list

for each store – awesome!

On the “Group” summaries page you can check to see how much you’re spending

on each group or individual…

Are you sold yet???  And did I mention that it’s FREE!!!!

If this wasn’t already an amazing app, they also give you the option to email your list

or even post it on Facebook!!


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