My 2012 Goals {Resolutions}

My Family ~ December 2011

I was inspired to write down my goals for 2012 after reading Edie’s post here at her blog Life in Grace.  She says “Make resolutions with reckless abandon.  Kick it up a notch and call them reVolutions!  And show two thousand and twelve what you’re made of.”

I have to admit that I was not quite as enthusiastic as Edie as I sat down to start this process!  I felt like I had so many areas in my life that needed work and the task seemed overwhelming…

The Nester also inspired me with her “Do Less & Be More” slogan for 2012…she reminded me of the verse in Isaiah 43:8 – “Forget the former things…do not dwell on the past.”

I think she hit the nail on the head for me!  I struggle to write down goals for the new year because I am so busy rehashing all the ones I didn’t achieve in the previous year…ugh!  It’s that pesky thing called perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head once again…

Melissa over at The Inspired Room said ” I don’t always get that balance right, but I know it means I cannot do it all and do it all “well.” I have to make choices every day.”  Hmm, so I need to stop setting the standard at perfection and learn to make the choice to do things “well”.  She later adds that it all comes down to being “intentional”.  Webster’s definition of intention: “a determination to act in a certain way; resolve.”

Once I started, I was amazed at how my pen kept flowing across the page until I came up with 10 goals.  I also took some time to break down a few of those goals into some tasks that I would like to complete this year.  I wrote down some homeschooling goals, blogging goals & personal goals and then broke them down into tasks I hope to achieve in the coming year.

I will admit that my biggest fear is my lack of consistency.  God-willing, I will “forget” my past years of inconsistency & perfectionism and instead focus on the things that I can accomplish well this year.  I know the promise “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, Philippians 4:11” is true as I have experienced His strength, peace & grace so many times through my daily walk with Him (the KEY).  So here’s to a fresh start, a new beginning as we travel into 2012!

I want to leave you with a few thoughts from Ann Voskamp on the subject of contentment:

Contentment isn’t a state of organization, a weight on the scale, a state of better:better kids, better marriage, better health, better house. Contentment is never a matter of circumstances; contentment is always a state of communion — a daily embracing of God. A thankfulness for all the gifts – and moments and life, just as He gives itTrying harder may only bring harder trials and contentment, it won’t be be found in the resolutions, but in the revolutions – in the turning round to God.


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