Organizing for 2012…

As I’ve been working on my goal of getting more organized this year, here are a couple of things I’ve put into place this week…we’ll see how they work out…

1.  Countertop file box with file folders for mail to read & file, bills to pay, weekly ads, coupons to be clipped…these photos from Pinterest were my inspiration:

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Mrs Rojas Teaches

2.  Large Family Calendar that sits next to the file box on a Cookbook stand…and a notepad & pen.

4.  Monthly Cleaning & Organizing Calendar Sheet – clipped to outside of file box…Clean Mama’s Clean & Organized 2012 January Calendar is free here…along with many other great ideas!

5.  Coupon Binder – I’ve tried many methods over the years for couponing, the most recent being filing the coupon sheets by date & clipping them when I am making my weekly shopping list using the Grocery Game.  This year I wanted to try something new…I’ve been following the Krazy Coupon Lady on Facebook for awhile now and happened to see her book – “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey” while in Barnes & Noble.  After glancing through it I came home ready to check out her website and dive in!  Here’s a link to her ideas for organizing a coupon binder, including free downloadable binder category tabs & a video tutorial on setting up your binder.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

It took some time to set up my binder but if I cut out coupons each week when they come in the Sunday newspaper it shouldn’t take me longer than 30-45 mins to stay organized.  I have several blogs that I follow for the best deals at my favorite stores (Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Stater’s, Target & CVS) so I will use those to compile my weekly shopping lists.  Here are a few of my favorites:

*Save at Home

*The Krazy Coupon

*Deal Seeking



Here’s how I did with this week’s shopping:

*Ralph’s – spent $50.62 & saved $61.25 ~ a savings of 55%!

*Albertson’s – spent $88.01 & saved $65.98 ~ a savings of 43%!

*Total – came home with $265.86 worth of groceries that I only paid $138.63 for!


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