Desk/Paper Clean Up

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Today I decided to attack the paper monster that has been haunting me for the past few months!

The first photo is of my desk, which I started to organize (meaning I piled things on top & below because they belonged here!) when I worked on my Master Bedroom over the weekend…

Ughh!!  I really don’t enjoy sharing “before” photos!  But I suppose they do make the “afters” look that much better!!

So, I started by taking everything off of and out from under the desk & file cabinet.

I laid them on my bed so that I could start the sorting process…

I then decided to move my hubby’s charging station over to his nightstand to free up more room on top of my desk…

Next I emptied out my desk drawer into a bin…OMG!! How did all of that junk fit into one shallow drawer?!!!

As I started the sorting process, I decided which items I needed to keep on my desktop…

Ahhh, looking so much better!

Then I realized that I had forgotten about the monitor that I wanted to start using

as the screen is much larger than my laptop screen…

and hopefully with it being raised higher than my laptop, I will get fewer neck & head aches!

I just removed a few accessories and the monitor fit fine…and I still have plenty of desktop space…

Now onto the desk drawer…

And in the photo below you can see where my lovely daughter scratched her name into the desktop!

I made the mistake of letting her use this desk in her bedroom when she was younger – ugh!

I decided to put small bins into the drawer to keep me from using it to stash papers & other junk!

Hopefully I’ll be more apt to keep it clean & organized with it set up this way…

So all in all I am very pleased with my desk clean up!

Next I need to clean out my filing cabinet – purging last year’s  bills & filing the stack I have from this year…

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  1. The did a wonderful job, something I need to get started on. I found you on Delightfully Inspiring and I’m now following you (SheaDea FB). I would appreciate it if you could do the same.

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