My Growing Stockpile

I’ve been using my new couponing methods for less than a month now and am already seeing great results!

Today I did my grocery store shopping for the upcoming week. Because there were so many great deals at the grocery stores this weekend I ended up spending my week’s grocery budget & will skip the drugstores this week.  It was well worth it though as I was able to stock up on many items including chicken & ground beef.  Click here to see my drugstore savings from last week.

Here’s the lowdown on my purchases:


**Spent $65.82

***Saved $67.03!!!



**Spent $78.51

***Saved $93.87!!!


Stater Bros:

**Spent: $53.30

***Saved: $32.03!!


Total Spent: $197.63

Total Saved: $192.93!!!

Basically, I brought home just under $400 worth of groceries for under $200…

A savings of 50%!!!  YAHOO!!

Here’s some photos of my growing stockpile that I keep all over the house & in the garage…

Pantry drawers are filling up…

Fridge & freezer are pretty packed too…

I’m blessed to have an extra refrigerator in the garage – it’s ugly but it still works!

Some of my 36 rolls of paper towels that I scored at CVS last week!

More paper towels & toilet paper – ran out of room in the cupboard!

Onto my bathroom…

And lastly, the master closet…


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