My Blogging Inspiration

A few weeks ago I wrote a post here about my 2012 Blogging Goals…

I also shared that there would be a part two to this conversation

about my blogging inspiration….

::   ::   ::

First of all, let me start by telling you a bit about how my blog posts are created…

Your brain might work like mine:

I will start my day off with a list of things “To Do”…

Things I’d like to do and things I’d really like to put off for another day (or month, or year!).

A Holy

::   ::   ::

Then, I will get distracted by something else and my brain will go off on a tangent!

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more flexible (oh how it hurts to write that dreaded word!!)

and to let myself go in a different direction than I had originally planned for the day.

I’ve decided to label these moments as “inspired”…

Inspired to work on a project with my kiddos or in my house…

Inspired to create a yummy meal for my family…

Inspired to write a new blog post ~

This is difficult as sometimes I can’t sit down in front of my computer.

::   ::   ::

So, I’ve learned to whip out a sheet of paper real quick and just jot down all of the thoughts

that are flying through my brain at that moment (can be scary at times!)….

::   ::   ::

I figure that as long as the important stuff gets done around my house in a timely manner,

it’s doesn’t really matter the order that I do it in, right?

Of course, my husband’s opinion on what is “important” may be different than mine :’)

Lately I’ve learned that if I’m feeling inspired to write, I’d better stop what I’m doing and write!

I find that’s when the words flow the smoothest & the quickest…

::   ::   ::

I usually start off my day with one of my favorite iPhone apps called Flipboard.

It’s basically an app where I can view my favorite blogs, Facebook & Twitter

in a quick and easy format.

::   ::   ::

I also do a lot of surfing on Pinterest!

I’ll share more about my favorite blogs and why they inspire me in a bit…

::   ::   ::

I have found that if I start my day off in this way,

I am more apt to get involved in the day’s activities with a good attitude,

looking forward to the time when I can sit down at the computer or with my iPhone

to check out the pages I’ve pinned…

Or maybe I’ve been motivated to be a more organized homeschooling Mom…

or to stay motivated throughout the day to stay on top of all of the menial,

day-to-day tasks that tend to bog me down mentally.

I’m sure you can relate to my routine of getting kids up, getting them ready for school…

keeping them focused & motivated to complete their schoolwork…

doing a million loads of dishes & laundry…

trying to remember to plan out dinner…

cleaning the house…

chauffering kiddos all around town…

the carpooling, errands, meetings, etc., etc., etc.!!!!

Whew!  I need to go take a quick nap, be right back!!

Oh, I forgot, I don’t have time for a nap…

I guess I’ll have to take a short mental break…

Hello Pinterest!

Crazy Mom Quotes ~

::   ::   ::

All kidding aside, I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be a Stay-at-Home Mom…

I pray that I will continue to be “inspired” to press on

and to fight the daily fight with everyone in blogland!

I so enjoy reading about other bloggers lives

and am so thankful for the time and energy they put into writing good, real,

and useful content to share with those of us who need it!

They are such a blessing to me and I hope, in turn, to be a blessing

and maybe even an inspiration to someone else :’)

::   ::   ::

Here are the bloggers who I currently have on my Flipboard and a brief synopsis of each:

1.  Thrifty Decor Chick ~ Sarah gets the #1 spot as she was my very first blogger to follow!

Sarah keeps it real with awesome DIY projects & a style very close to my own…

2.  A Holy Experience ~ Ann Voskamp has a style of writing that is so beautiful!

She posts daily inspiration with words that sear my heart & leave a lasting impression…

I highly recommend her book: “One Thousand Gifts”

3.  The Inspired Room ~ Melissa’s blog is a mix of inspiration & DIY.

You’ll leave her blog feeling like you’ve just made a new friend :’)

4.  Organizing Made Fun ~ Becky, who happens to be a college buddy of mine,

takes you into her beautifully DIY’d home (is that really a term?)

and her sensible style of organizing with a down-to-earth style of writing that I really enjoy.

5.  Tatertots & Jello ~ First off, I love the name of her blog!

Jen’s style is very near to my own and I always find great tutorials & tips on her blog.

6.  Life in Grace ~ Edie is another writer who God has blessed with an amazing gift!

She is a deep-thinking, share-what’s-on-your-heart kind of gal who loves God

and loves to share what he is doing in her life.

She also has a beautiful, new home that was recently built…

Click here and see the amazing rebuilding, one year after a devastating fire…

7.  Nesting Place ~ if you haven’t heard of The Nester

you might have been living under a rock for the past few years!

She combines her unique style, with down-to-earth tips & thoughts

all in a beautifully crafted blog…

8.  Home Stories A 2 Z ~ love her style, easy-going personality, funny stories

and terrific DIY & tutorials…

9.  Centsational Girl ~ I grew up in the area that Kate lives in

and love to see her posts on Northern California & the Wine Country…

She also has an amazing sense of style, creative DIY projects and very helpful tutorials…

10.  Last but certainly not least ~ Tip Junkie!

I don’t know where this gal finds all of the time & energy it must take

to put such helpful content on her blog – and I believe she has more than one blog!

It’s loaded with tons of helpful tips, DIY projects and more…

I could list so many more wonderful blogs

that I love to read (look to the right of this post & scroll up for a list)…

but there’s that dreaded laundry waiting to be done…

dishes needing to be unloaded…

kiddos needing to be tended to..

So that’s all for now!

I’m linking to: Weekend Bloggy Reading


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