Wire Brush and a Weather-beaten Bench

::   ::   ::

If case you haven’t already guessed by my title,

I had a run in with a wire brush this weekend!

And boy are my back and shoulders sore from all of the scrubbing…

::   ::   ::

Here’s the culprit:

 An old, wood & iron, weather-beaten bench…

::   ::  ::

It was originally located on our side yard,

where the path meanders through a forest of rose bushes, trees & vines…

Shot taken before the gardeners cut everything back this winter!

::   ::   ::

As my hubby & I were having a relaxing, late breakfast by our pool

we were discussing what changes we would like to make in the backyard this Spring…

No, it didn’t rain, my hubby just sprayed off the concrete :’)

::   ::   ::

We talked about how we could rearrange the furniture…

install a ceiling fan over the  patio table…

pour some concrete on the back side of our pool as we both hate the dirt!

::   ::   ::

And then I remembered the sad little bench sitting on the side yard all alone!

My hubby really didn’t want to move the 500 lb “ugly” bench (as he put it!)

only to have to move it back over to the side yard if I didn’t like it there…

But, being the sweet and patient man that he is,

and knowing that I probably wouldn’t shut-up about it until we tried it,

we lugged the very heavy bench to the backyard.

Here she is before her makeover…

And after a long afternoon of scrubbing with my wire brush, vacuuming the dirt & dust,

more scrubbing and inhaling said dirt & dust,

and finally sanding and vacuuming again….

She looks so much better!

::   ::   ::

I thought that it might be fun to paint the iron black but my daughter was very much against it…

“You’ll ruin it!  Why would you want to paint it?!!!!”

I think she fell in love with it’s white & rusty patina after taking many photographs

of it in it’s old home on the side yard…

Here’s one of her photos…

::   ::   ::

So, hubby & I decided we’d leave the iron alone

and I will find a nice mahogany  or other dark stain for the wood…

I’ll also seal it with a clear coat so that it will withstand the weather

(and so I won’t have to use my wire brush on it again!)…

::  ::  ::

I’ll be sure to post an update when it’s all done!

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