iPhone Apps I Love ~ Part Two

This is Part Two to iPhone Apps I Love…where I share my faves!

If you missed Part One you can find it here.

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Google Maps

Use Google Maps on your phone, and never carry a paper map again!


“When you download Waze, you not only get free navigation,

but also become part of the local driving community in your area,

joining forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic,

save time and improve everyone’s daily commute.

All you have to do is drive, so get involved today!”

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 Use your iPhone to read your kindle or e-books!

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 “Snap a photo with your iPhone, choose a filter to transform the look and feel,

send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – it’s all as easy as pie.”

PS Express

 “Adobe Photoshop Express software lets you use simple gestures

to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile device.

Enjoy having your photo and video library right in your hand.”

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“The personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music
based on your old and current favorites”

“The TV.com iPhone application delivers your favorite shows

wherever you go – for FREE!”


“Just download this free app and you can instantly watch TV shows & movies

streaming from Netflix.”

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Angry Birds

 “The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake.

Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs.

Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds

to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles.”

Words With Friends Free

 If you like Scrabble, you’ll love Words With Friends!

It’s a word building, triple score seeking,

compete-with-your-buddies kind of game…

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I’m sure that by the time you read this post

I will have added a few more!

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