Salvation Army Finds!!!!

I am so excited about my Salvation Army finds this week!!!

I have been looking for a clock to put in our backyard

so that we’re in the pool

or just lounging in the warm So Cal sun,

we would know what time it is…

After all, I don’t wear a watch anymore, now that I  have a cell phone – lol!

::   ::   ::

But all of the outdoor clocks I would find were so expensive…

or made out of cheapie plastic with birds on them…

This one sells for $285.60!!!!

::   ::   ::

This one is only $13.99 and it sings!!

::   ::   ::

Then I walked into Salvation Army and found this beauty!

::   ::   ::

::   ::   ::

I googled it and found it on Amazon, here, for $49.99 + S & H!!

Mine was originally marked $10.95 & it was 30% off…so I took it home for $7.66!!!

I’ll share photos as soon as I can get my hubby to hang it for me :’)

::   ::   ::

I also found a nice size basket for $2.49….

::   ::   ::

And it found a nice home in my pantry…

organizing snacks…

::   ::   ::


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