Three Years Ago…


Three years ago I decided, upon the advice of friends & family, to sell some of my

handmade journals & recipe boxes on ETSY…it was a lot of fun!

But then I decided to start volunteering (lots of hours!) with our soccer league

and I went from homeschooling two of my kiddos to all three!!

 So, my crafting time became seriously limited and I had to give up my little handmade biz.


….Now, three years later, I have stopped volunteering for awhile

and although I am still homeschooling three kiddos,

they are more independent at this point in their schooling and I can carve out some time for ME!

We are also preparing to send our oldest off to college next year (crazy!!!)

and my youngest would really like to attend a local private school next fall…


So, I am going to re-vive my handmade business

and hope to have a lot of fun and success with it!

I am currently in the process of planning & organizing ~ going through lots of blog posts

and scouring for ideas to get me off on the right foot!

Maggie Whitley of Gussy Sews has some great posts

that have been really encouraging and insightful.

She also makes beautiful handmade bags so check her out!


Stay tuned!  I’m busily working out all of the details!


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