Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 5 (Kitchen)



Moving on to the kitchen! The cute puppy is obviously what makes the picture! There are still things to be done in this area, such as painting the range & hood, but it’s looking 100% improved!

Here’s a before picture to jog your memory in case you’ve forgotten:



Here’s a few more after shots…



We didn’t wire in the wall lamp as we didn’t want to mess with the RV wiring so I attached a small, battery operated puck light up inside the lamp.  It comes with a remote so it’s easy to operate!


The kitchen area still needs some touch up but it’s almost done

We are still working on the dinette table & hope to replace the top with some leftover butcher block…a fun project was to cover the booth wall in rustic barn wood & add antler hooks for keys & such…

Update!! Here is the finished dinette table!! Hubby used the hardware from the old table and attached it to the butcher block and I love it!!


Here are the links to the items we bought for the kitchen & dining area:

Tic Tac Tiles ~ Amazon

Butcher Block Countertops ~ IKEA

Faucet ~ Lowe’s (similar to this one)

Stovetop cover ~ Camping World (similar to this)

Curtain Fabric ~ Hobby Lobby

Oil Rubbed Bronze for Hardware ~ Amazon

Wall lamp ~ Lowe’s

Battery Operated Puck Lights ~ Amazon

Woodland Pictures ~ IKEA

Gunmetal Arrow Fabric on Dinette ~ Hobby Lobby

Black vinyl Fabric on Dinette ~ Hobby Lobby

Barn Wood Wall Kit ~Lowes

Antler Wall Hook ~ Amazon

Coming up next: Bedroom & Flooring…

Some affiliate links are provided for your convenience.  This does not mean you pay more for the product when you purchase through my link. It just means that I made it easier for you to find what you might like and I make a few cents if you purchase.  Thank you!



13 thoughts on “Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 5 (Kitchen)

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    1. I am not an amazing seamstress by any means so I didn’t even attempt to put in zippers or make them removable! I just made them like you would a pillow cover & hand sewed the openings closed 😊

  1. I just bought a 4-year old camper that has beige and brown EVERYTHING! Your camper reno is SO inspiring. I want to do something similar over this winter:-) Thanks!

    1. Hello, yes, we painted right over the wallpaper! We sold the Winnebago last year to an awesome family who is living/traveling in it full-time. If you would like to ask Christina how everything is holding up her Instagram is: havefamilywilladventure.

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