Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 7 (Wrap-Up & Before/Afters)

I’ve written in detail about our 1990 Winnebago Class A Motorhome remodel in previous posts & now I’ll wrap it all up with lots of before & after pictures!

Here she is! Not too much to look at on the outside just yet…but wait until you see the inside!

But first, a few before shots…

Ok, these next pictures will be much better, I promise!!

We still have a few projects left to complete (building a new dinette table) & paint to touch up, but we’re in the home stretch now!!!

For links to all of the products we used, check out my “Shop Our Motorhome” page!

21 thoughts on “Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 7 (Wrap-Up & Before/Afters)

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  1. I loved your article… This is the best post I’ve seen on RV remodels. It was so helpful because you posted the items you used and where to get them. I loved you style. You did a beautiful job!!!!!

  2. I have to agree with Jill one of the best remodel rv. I love the before and after and the info on where to get the things you used. Thank you for sharing

  3. Goodness, looking at your before and after photos gives me hope! My husband and I (now empty nesters) just purchased almost identical RV! Identical as in the “before” pix. Tell me, was the ceiling cloth or carpet? Difficult to tell. If so, how did you change it?? Ours seems like the roof leaked. Repairs were made and roof fixed but ceiling carpet stained. Looks terrible. You seem to have the magic touch for remodeling RVs, maybe you can help me?? Beautiful job! Bravo to you and hubby!

    1. Hello! Our ceiling is the original vinyl-type material & we didnโ€™t do anything to it. There was no damage so we just cleaned it with Simple Green & left it alone! Iโ€™ve read that you can try a normal carpet cleaner to clean stains from ceiling carpet but have not done it myself. Good luck & have fun!!!

  4. What paint color is your cabinets? I am going to be starting a motorhome makeover tomorrow!! I am in love with yours, so I may have to do something similar!!!

  5. Fantastic job! I remodeled our 1998 Fleetwood American Tradition 4 years ago, now I’m about to mini update with lighter colors.
    Quick question, what did you do about the ceiling? Ours is a tan material and stained in spots, I was going to go the painted luan route and wondered what you did to yours?
    Thanks, Denise

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