Organized Camping (Preparing for a smooth trip) ~ Part 1

I believe the most important thing you can do to ensure a smooth and easy camping trip is to be organized! Spending time preparing before you head out on the road will make your trip much more relaxing and fun for the whole family.



These little organizers can be used to store/transport utensils but I have used it to keep all of my most used items on my kitchen counter, where they are easily accessible.  No more rummaging through drawers, dimly lit cabinets etc.  I use earthquake putty (will link at the end of the post) to keep the caddy from moving around during travel.  One less thing to have to put away on traveling days!


This caddy is such a big help to keep our meal times relaxed and organized! It holds our disposable utensils, napkins and plates and is easily transportable for eating inside the motorhome or outside at the picnic table.  It’s the perfect size to store in the cabinet above our sink where I also keep extra napkins & plates.


Laundry baskets can perform many uses when preparing for your camping trip.  I use them to transport food from the house to the motorhome and many other things like clothing, extra blankets and bathroom items. In the pic above, I used it to safely secure items that I will be putting on a table outside when we set up our outdoor cooking/cleaning area.


Don’t be afraid to bring small home appliances (that you wouldn’t necessarily think of when you think of camping!) to make your camping trip easier!

I use my Instant Pot to make recipes like: Twice Baked Potatoes and Risotto – yum!!  Our portable ice maker is so convenient and better than having to dig ice out of the ice chest!! In an upcoming post I will share how I set up a little “bar” area on our last trip out.



Here are some more tips I came up with when out on our latest camping trip:

  1. Plan your meals in the week before your trip – print out shopping lists, packing lists & recipes.
  2. Prepare as much food at home a day or two before you go ~ cut up veggies/meat, marinate & put into Ziploc bags & freeze.
  3. Shred/slice cheeses
  4. If you are short on time, buy single-serve snacks, applesauce, peanut butter, etc.
  5. Always take more water, paper towels, baggies & disposable plates, utensils, etc., than you think you will need!
  6. Buy disposable pans to keep your food warm while you bbq outside or for quick & easy cleanup when you bake inside.  *Be sure to measure the inside of your oven as they are usually much smaller than the one in your home.
  7. Also measure the pans you will use to cook with on your stove so that you will be able to use more than one at a time…

Here are some links you might be interested in:

  1. Earthquake (Museum) Putty
  2. Multi-purpose Caddy ~ lots of different metal ones on Amazon!
  3. Instant Pot
  4. Portable Ice Maker
  5. Camping Meal/Menu Plan
  6. Disposable Pans
  7. Recipes: Instant Pot Parmesan Risotto and Instant Pot Twice Baked Potato Casserole

For links to all of the products we used in our Motorhome renovation please check out our “Shop Our Motorhome” page!

Stay tuned for a post about how we organize our motorhome with all of our “stuff” while we camp! I will be sharing our bedroom, bathroom & our temporary “bar” area!

Some affiliate links are provided for your convenience.  This does not mean you pay more for the product when you purchase through my link. It just means that I made it easier for you to find what you might like and I make a few cents if you purchase.  Thank you!

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