Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 7 (Wrap-Up & Before/Afters)

I’ve written in detail about our 1990 Winnebago Class A Motorhome remodel in previous posts & now I’ll wrap it all up with lots of before & after pictures!

Here she is! Not too much to look at on the outside just yet…but wait until you see the inside!

But first, a few before shots…

Ok, these next pictures will be much better, I promise!!

We still have a few projects left to complete (building a new dinette table) & paint to touch up, but we’re in the home stretch now!!!


Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 6 (Bedroom & Flooring)

I am really happy with how the bedroom is turning out! I’m loving how much brighter it is now…compared to this next picture!

Yikes!!! Here’s a few more shots of the new & improved bedroom…

I’ve had a lot of questions about the floors in the motorhome…the laminate floors were given to us by a friend so I don’t have a link to share but here’s the info:

The luxury vinyl tiles that we used in the bath area are from Lowe’s:

Next up: a wrap up of our motorhome remodel with before & after pictures…

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 5 (Kitchen)



Moving on to the kitchen! The cute puppy is obviously what makes the picture! There are still things to be done in this area, such as painting the range & hood, but it’s looking 100% improved!

Here’s a before picture to jog your memory in case you’ve forgotten:



Here’s a few more after shots…



We didn’t wire in the wall lamp as we didn’t want to mess with the RV wiring so I attached a small, battery operated puck light up inside the lamp.¬† It comes with a remote so it’s easy to operate!


The kitchen area still needs some touch up but it’s almost done

We are still working on the dinette table & hope to replace the top with some leftover butcher block…a fun project was to cover the booth wall in rustic barn wood & add antler hooks for keys & such…

Here are the links to the items we bought for the kitchen & dining area:

Tic Tac Tiles ~ Amazon

Butcher Block Countertops ~ IKEA

Faucet ~ Lowe’s (similar to this one)

Stovetop cover ~ Camping World (similar to this)

Curtain Fabric ~ Hobby Lobby

Oil Rubbed Bronze for Hardware ~ Amazon

Wall lamp ~ Lowe’s

Battery Operated Puck Lights ~ Amazon

Wildland Pictures ~ IKEA

Gunmetal Arrow Fabric on Dinette ~ Hobby Lobby

Black vinyl Fabric on Dinette ~ Hobby Lobby

Barn Wood Wall Kit ~Lowes

Antler Wall Hook ~ Amazon

Coming up next: Bedroom & Flooring…

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 4 (Bath)


Before we even started tearing out flooring or putting paint on the walls, I spent lots & lots of time on the internet (Pinterest & Facebook Groups mostly) putting together my plan for our motorhome remodel.¬† In the beginning, I was just going to paint & recover the upholstery…when my hubby joined in on the planning he said “if you’re gonna do it, do it all the way!” So that’s when the real fun began!

Here’s a link to my RV Board on Pinterest – which is where I pinned so many of the ideas that got my creative juices flowing!!

Here’s a photo of our bathroom in progress¬†~ I LOVE IT!!

Here are links to the items we bought for the bathroom…

Tic Tac Tiles ~ Amazon

Curtain Fabric ~ Hobby Lobby

Butcher Block Countertops ~ IKEA

Sink ~ Amazon

Faucet ~ Amazon

Buckets ~ IKEA

Rail ~ IKEA

Hooks ~ IKEA

Basket ~ Amazon

Toilet ~ Amazon

Wildland Picture ~ IKEA


I wish the bathroom in my house looked this good!! Up next: The Kitchen!

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 3 (Paint)



When I started the painting process, it was super hot here in So Cal so I took all of the cabinet doors into my house to paint in the nice, cool air conditioning! I started the process by first cleaning all of the cabinet doors & hardware with Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner.

Here is a link to the paint that I used – Beyond Paint – I love it because you don’t have to sand or prime before using it!


I also found this blog post & video by Must Have Mom titled “How to Paint RV Walls & Cabinets” to be very helpful – she also uses Beyond Paint in her RV.

As I did with the cabinets, I also used Simple Green on the interior of the motorhome before painting.¬† Then, just as you would in a typical home, I used my FrogTape Painters Tape to tape off walls, etc…I also used it to plan the layout in my bathroom, so I would know if the baskets & things I wanted to use would actually fit!


Here’s a few photos of some of the cabinets & walls being painted…

Already such a big change!! Coming up: Tile, Bath & Kitchen Fixtures & More!

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 2 (Demo)

As promised, here are some photos I took during the demo/remodeling of our 1990 Winnebago Class A RV…be forewarned – they are not pretty!!!




Be sure to number your cabinet doors & their corresponding cabinets so that you know where to put them back after you paint them! I used¬†FrogTape…I also took pictures as I was removing things – just in case I forgot where they went!


My handsome hubby removing the stinky, stained blue carpet…


After pulling out the carpet & linoleum we realized that we would have to add some plywood to even out the flooring…


Took out the wall mirror, ugly brass towel bars & the huge, heavy medicine cabinet that hung over the toilet…

Next up: Paint!!

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 1 (Before)

I haven’t blogged in quite a few years but have had so much interest in our¬†motorhome remodel that I decided it was time to start posting again! Over the next few days/weeks I will share the Before’s & After’s of our remodel as well as links to all of the products we have used along the way.¬† This should be fun!

Here she is, our 1990 Winnebago Chieftan 32ft Class A Motorhome, on one of our first camping trips…


Eventually she’ll get a new paint job but for now we’re ok with her 1990’s looks!

Are you ready to see lots of brown & blue???

RV front


RV 1


rv bedroom 1


rv bedroom 2


Wow!! I do not miss the old motorhome one bit!!!

Stay tuned for some work-in-progress photos…

Pinterest Friday! Top 10 for March 9th, 2012!

Hooray for Friday!!!

It’s time for my Top 10 Pinterest Pins….

::   ::   ::

Here’s where you can find last week’s picks..

::   ::   ::

As I continue to follow more & more people on Pinterest,

It’s getting considerably more difficult for me to pick just 10 favorites each week!

Here we go….

::   ::   ::

1.  Using Linky Tools on Your Blog at Blogs by Heather

::   ::   ::

2.  11 Ways to Print Instagram Photos by Mashable Social Media

::   ::   ::

3.  Cleaning Stove Burners & Grates by The V Spot

*This works really well but be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area as there will be fumes*

::   ::   ::

4.  This Outfit Takes Me Back to My Country Roots!  From

::   ::   ::

5.  Entry Closet Makeover at House of Smiths

::   ::   ::

6. ¬†St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallow Pops at The Decorated Cookie

::   ::   ::

7. ¬†Converting Owner’s Manuals into iPad Books by Apartment Therapy

::   ::   ::

8.  Christmas Card Book by Close to My Art

::   ::   ::

9.  Crispy Cheddar Chicken by Jamie Cooks It Up

::   ::   ::

10.  Cake Boss Party by Passion for Parties

::   ::   ::

Salvation Army Finds!!!!

I am so excited about my Salvation Army finds this week!!!

I have been looking for a clock to put in our backyard

so that we’re in the pool

or just lounging in the warm So Cal sun,

we would know what time it is…

After all, I don’t wear a watch anymore, now that I ¬†have a cell phone – lol!

::   ::   ::

But all of the outdoor clocks I would find¬†were so expensive…

or made out of cheapie plastic with birds on them…

This one sells for $285.60!!!!

::   ::   ::

This one is only $13.99 and it sings!!

::   ::   ::

Then I walked into Salvation Army and found this beauty!

::   ::   ::

::   ::   ::

I googled it and found it on Amazon, here, for $49.99 + S & H!!

Mine was originally marked $10.95 & it was 30% off…so I took it home for $7.66!!!

I’ll share photos as soon as I can get my hubby to hang it for me :’)

::   ::   ::

I also found a nice size basket for $2.49….

::   ::   ::

And it found a nice home in my pantry…

organizing snacks…

::   ::   ::

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