Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen

One of my favorite magazines arrived in my mailbox this week ~ Taste of Home!

Their motto is “Real Food From Real Home Cooks.”

I’ve been reading this magazine for years now and always find helpful tips, yummy recipes

and heart-warming stories in each issue.

This month’s issue was packed full of good stuff,

and I thought I would share an article about homemade gifts from the Kitchen.

I’m always looking for new and creative ideas for homemade gifts and this article fit the bill!

It was written by Libby Spicker and she shares her Mom, Susanne’s, holiday gift giving traditions…

Bread is one food item that I have never given as a gift for the holidays ~ what a great idea!

These are jumbo muffins, so you could make one for each member in a family…

Wrap them up in cellophane & a pretty ribbon…

These could be made ahead and frozen until you need a quick gift…

And these delightful little treats could be given as a muffin or dressed up as a cupcake!  Yum!

I thought you might like to have the recipes for these yummy homemade gifts so here you go!

What is your favorite Homemade Gift to give at the Holidays and why?

Do you have a special family tradition?  Or maybe a recipe that people always ask you for?

I’d love you to leave some comments!

Maybe I’ll even do a Homemade Gift linky party in the upcoming days – would you be interested?


Snowman Popcorn Wrappers

These are just too cute! As a busy Mom – especially during the Holidays.
I’m always on the lookout for cute, inexpensive & practical gifts for teachers, co-workers, family & friends.
These Snowman Popcorn Wrappers definitely fit the bill.

Because popcorn can be bought in bulk fairly inexpensively,
I am able to create these fun gifts & give them at a very affordable price.

To make your own Popcorn Wrapper:

*Measure & cut a piece of cardstock to fit around the bag of popcorn –  


mine was 9″ x 5 1/2″




*Adhere the cardstock into place with tape or glue dots







*Next, measure & cut a piece of white cardstock and stamp your snowman (or whatever image you choose)
*My card measures 3 1/4 x 2 1/2*
*I used red & green copic markers to color my snowman & embellished it with some red Stickles
*Adhere to wrapper with glue dots or adhesive








*Now you will need to print out the saying by clicking on: Popcorn Bag Wrapper

*My cards measure 2 3/4 x 1 1/2*

Adhere to the wrapper with glue dots or adhesive



Almost finished!  Now, choose your ribbon and cut a length to fit around the wrapper

*Mine measures 12″*

*Wrap ribbon around wrapper & tie tightly in a knot on the front…

*You may want to stick a glue dot on the back to keep the ribbon from sliding around*


That’s it!  Now you can whip out a dozen of these to give out as teacher or neighbor gifts, hostess gifts, etc!

Have fun!

Reindeer Spares

Reindeer Spares (bottom right)



Here’s a cute idea I came across on the internet last Christmas – sorry, I don’t know where I saw it or whom to give credit to!




Here’s the supplies you will need:

Small containers (I found mine at Joann’s or Michael’s craft store) with a lid
Printable Round Stickers (on a sheet)

Red Hots candies

Card stock




This is a very easy project!






First, print a sample of  the Reindeer Stickers to make sure they will align correctly with your printable sticker paper.

Next, print them onto your sticker paper and attach to your container.

I then used Red Stickles to brighten up the nose, but you can use any glitter or glitter glue…

Then, you will need to make your own “Reindeer Spares” tag in a word processing program such as Word.

Choose your favorite font, play around with the color, etc!  Then print out a sheet of tags onto a piece of cardstock…

I used some decorative scissors to cut my tags out but any scissors will do…

Oh & hole punch a small hole in the top, left-hand corner so that you can attach it to your container in a bit…


Next, fill your container with red hots and seal the container with a piece of tape to avoid any spillage!

Now, cut a piece of ribbon large enough to go around your container

and add a few inchesso that you can attach your tag….

You will probably need to use a little piece of tape to keep your ribbon in place.



Now, stand back and take a look – isn’t it just too cute!!!

These make great stocking stuffers, party favors or small gifts!

Have fun!



I Love Me Some Chalkboard Paint!!!!


So if you can’t tell by the title, I am going a little crazy over chalkboard paint right now!

I have found so many interesting things that can be used for a drawing surface!

Pretty soon, I’ll be painting my kids with the stuff!






I love Melissa’s idea of making a refrigerator chalkboard frame here






And these Ceramic Platters with Chalkboard Centers from Pottery Barn….








And Decor Chick’s Coffee Jar here







I found these cute little jars at the Dollar Store recently

so I picked up a bunch of them to use for Christmas gifts….





All I had to do was to tape out a square with painters tape and then spray away…

I did 2 thin coats and they turned out great!  Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy!





Yea!!!! I love how they turned out!







I can think of so many uses ~ hair ties for my nieces, homemade hot cocoa mixes, spiced nuts, coffee, tea….

the list just goes on & on!




And I had to squeeze in one more project before I finished this post!



It was soooo simple!  I just removed the glass from a frame I already had and sprayed away!

Again, it only took two light coats to do the trick!




















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Christmas Ornament Pillow



First, I must give credit to whom credit is due for inspiring me to create this project!

Jen, over at Tatertots & Jello, posted this fabulous painted ornament pillow tutorial here...


First, I found a pillow that I could use as a “form” and measured it –

It was 17″ square…I then added 2″ for seam allowances…

Next, I cut out 2, 19″ squares and pinned them

(right sides) together, leaving one end open…






This photo shows how I finished the “open” edge by folding over the unfinished edge & pinning…




And here’s what the open edge looks like after I stitched it….




Next, I ironed the seams so that they would lay flat…





Here, I’ve turned the case right side out and ironed it nice & flat…

now you can see the nice finished edges of the opening to the pillow  case.

I decided that I wanted to make a pillow case so that I can re-use the pillow

that I will insert into my holiday case…





Here’s the pillow inserted into the case….





Here’s what I will use to close up the open end my pillow case temporarily…





Now onto the creative part of the project!

Notice I’ve pinned the opening closed so that I can get an accurate idea of what the pillow will look like in it’s finished state.

I then eyeball & loosely measure the approximate center on the front of the pillow and

use a plate to mark where I will draw my ornament….






Next, I remove the pillow from the case and double check my measurements now that the case is nice and flat….





Here you can see how I traced the circle with a pencil…..






Here are the items I will use to create my ornament –  I might change my mind on the ribbon though!

Jen at Tatertots & Jello gave the great tip to add some fabric painting medium to regular acrylic paint

(that you can find at any craft store) and viola, you now have inexpensive fabric paint!…






It took 3-4 coats of paint to get the desired result….





Now it’s time to start playing with the ribbon & rick rack…I

did a little bit of measuring and a lot of eye-balling to lay the rick rack where I wanted it…






The edges of the rick rack started to fray when I cut it,

so I just brushed a little clear nail polish on the ends…





Next, I glued a strip of black & white ribbon down to the top of the ornament and

attached a matching bow with more hot glue…






With a close up view you can see that not everything is perfectly straight….but,

when you look at the final product sitting beautifully on your couch, it really doesn’t matter does it???




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Christmas Cards & Holiday Letters ~ Linky Party!!


I have seen so many unique and beautiful Christmas cards lately

that it’s gotten me in the mood to search for my family’s 2010 annual


Here are the cards that I hand-crafted last year.

I always say – “Oh, I’ll just stamp a cute snowman, add some glitter and

ribbon – it’ll be easy!”  Not!

I do love making my own cards but find that when I have to make

50 of the same card, it can get quite monotonous and expensive!

Along with the card, I always include a family photo…

one of my favorite things to receive from others at Christmastime :’)

Especially from friends & family who we only see through their annual

Christmas greetings.

It’s amazing how much kids grow in one year!

And how much gray hair we adults can accumulate – hee hee!

2009 Family Photo…

Here are a few of my favorite sites for inspiration in making cards:


Splitcoast Stampers

Stamp TV

Two Peas in a Bucket

Twisted Chick Creations

Yesterday (thanks to a Twitter friend), I was introduced to an

ETSY store called Kottage on 5th Design Studios

and I instantly fell in love!!!

I do believe that I will be ordering one of these

beautifully designed cards soon!

Just as soon as I can gather up my family for that

“perfect” family picture – LOL!

Kottage on 5th Design Studio ~ Modern Damask Christmas or New Years

or maybe this one?

Kottage on 5th Design Studio ~ Sleek Damask Christmas/New Years

Can you tell that I’m really drawn to the Damask designs??

I will also be using a black & white photo as they did…

What do you think?  Which design would you choose?

Please leave me your choice in the comments section!

Please link up your ideas for Christmas Cards or Holiday Letters!

It doesn’t have to be a recent post, just link up one of your favorites!

Also, please be sure to link back to Debs Heart & Home;

I will be featuring my favorites, and can’t feature you if you don’t link back!

The party will close on November 4th, so you plenty of time

to add your ideas. I can’t wait to see them all!

Here is what to do:

If you want to link up a Christmas Card or Holiday Letter post, simply click on the title of your post at your own blog, copy the link that is in the address bar, paste it in the link space below (following the instructions as needed).  Then in the body of your post on your blog, link back to this party so your friends and readers can find the party too!

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Have fun!

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Reindeer Poop

After posting a:

Homemade Holiday Gifts Linky Party“,

I received a few requests for tutorials on how to create

some of the items.

So, I gathered up my PDF files and am busy working on creating

tutorials for your personal use!

Below are instructions for my “Reindeer Poop”!  Enjoy!


Reindeer Poop ~ Click on this link for a downloadable PDF file

that you may use to create a bag tag for my Reindeer Poop craft.

You can buy small craft bags at a craft store or you can use

disposable baby bottle liners to fill with chocolate covered raisins.

After filling the bag, fold the top down several times &

close with clear tape.  Punch a hole & an eyelet (if desired) into

the tag, thread a small length of ribbon through the hole and tie it.

Attach the tag to the bag with adhesive or double stick tape –

attach the tag to the taped side of your bag to hide the tape…

Now tie a bow and your done!

This gift is great for stocking stuffers, party favors,

white elephant gifts, etc.

Homemade Holiday Gifts Linky Party






Welcome to the Homemade Holiday Gifts Linky Party!

I’m in search of some great homemade Christmas gift ideas on a budget!


Here’s a few items I made last year…


Magic Reindeer Food, Reindeer Spares (Noses!) & Reindeer Poop!








Popcorn Wrappers…



Snowman Soup…



Recipe Box, Recipe Card Clipboard, Drawing Pad, Journal, Address Book,

Menu Planer & Grocery List & Babysitter Notes/Clipboard


Please link up your ideas for a Homemade Holiday! You may include recipes, gift ideas, decorating, etc.

Please link back to Debs Heart & Home, I will be featuring my favorites, and can’t feature you if you

don’t link back! The party will close on October 10th, so you plenty of time to add your ideas! I can’t wait to

see them all!


Here is what to do:

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Have fun!

I’m linking up to the Proverbs 31 Living: Having a Handmade Christmas

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