Reindeer Spares

Reindeer Spares (bottom right)



Here’s a cute idea I came across on the internet last Christmas – sorry, I don’t know where I saw it or whom to give credit to!




Here’s the supplies you will need:

Small containers (I found mine at Joann’s or Michael’s craft store) with a lid
Printable Round Stickers (on a sheet)

Red Hots candies

Card stock




This is a very easy project!






First, print a sample of  the Reindeer Stickers to make sure they will align correctly with your printable sticker paper.

Next, print them onto your sticker paper and attach to your container.

I then used Red Stickles to brighten up the nose, but you can use any glitter or glitter glue…

Then, you will need to make your own “Reindeer Spares” tag in a word processing program such as Word.

Choose your favorite font, play around with the color, etc!  Then print out a sheet of tags onto a piece of cardstock…

I used some decorative scissors to cut my tags out but any scissors will do…

Oh & hole punch a small hole in the top, left-hand corner so that you can attach it to your container in a bit…


Next, fill your container with red hots and seal the container with a piece of tape to avoid any spillage!

Now, cut a piece of ribbon large enough to go around your container

and add a few inchesso that you can attach your tag….

You will probably need to use a little piece of tape to keep your ribbon in place.



Now, stand back and take a look – isn’t it just too cute!!!

These make great stocking stuffers, party favors or small gifts!

Have fun!



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