Salvation Army Finds & a Linky Party!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to our local Salvation Army store

and while I was there, I picked up these…

How much you ask??  Well, the price tags said $2.35 (each), which is a fantastic deal…

But when the cashier rang me up, the total cost was only $3.30!!!

I had forgotten that everything is 30% off on Wednesday’s – yahoo!!!!

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They found a new home in my pantry…

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Now all my tea and sweeteners are nice and organized!

Not too shabby for $3.30!

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Now it’s your turn!

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Home Stories A2Z

Desk/Paper Clean Up

I’m linking to:

Today I decided to attack the paper monster that has been haunting me for the past few months!

The first photo is of my desk, which I started to organize (meaning I piled things on top & below because they belonged here!) when I worked on my Master Bedroom over the weekend…

Ughh!!  I really don’t enjoy sharing “before” photos!  But I suppose they do make the “afters” look that much better!!

So, I started by taking everything off of and out from under the desk & file cabinet.

I laid them on my bed so that I could start the sorting process…

I then decided to move my hubby’s charging station over to his nightstand to free up more room on top of my desk…

Next I emptied out my desk drawer into a bin…OMG!! How did all of that junk fit into one shallow drawer?!!!

As I started the sorting process, I decided which items I needed to keep on my desktop…

Ahhh, looking so much better!

Then I realized that I had forgotten about the monitor that I wanted to start using

as the screen is much larger than my laptop screen…

and hopefully with it being raised higher than my laptop, I will get fewer neck & head aches!

I just removed a few accessories and the monitor fit fine…and I still have plenty of desktop space…

Now onto the desk drawer…

And in the photo below you can see where my lovely daughter scratched her name into the desktop!

I made the mistake of letting her use this desk in her bedroom when she was younger – ugh!

I decided to put small bins into the drawer to keep me from using it to stash papers & other junk!

Hopefully I’ll be more apt to keep it clean & organized with it set up this way…

So all in all I am very pleased with my desk clean up!

Next I need to clean out my filing cabinet – purging last year’s  bills & filing the stack I have from this year…

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Weekend Projects: Master Closet & Laundry Room

I love January!  I love the feeling of a fresh start – fewer weekend commitments & more hours to do the things I want to do around my house.  This past weekend I was able to devote several hours on my Master bedroom, closet & laundry room…before I show the after pictures of my Master closet I must warn you!  If you like custom made, perfectly organized with matching containers & hangers, you may want to skip this post!  I simply re-organized the space after several months of neglect and stashing of Christmas presents!

Here goes…

Bookshelves provide extra storage under the hanging clothes bar…bins on top hold miscellaneous craft & school supplies.

This area doesn’t look too pretty but the hanging storage is great for extra cereal, crackers, granola bars, etc.  Now that I’m couponing on a larger scale, I need more places to store my growing stash!

Now onto the Laundry Room where I basically cleaned out the clutter & items that were waiting to be put back in their proper homes…

Sorry that the font is in varied sizes on these photos…I’m still learning how to use Picnik!

I’ll be back later in the week with an update on my coupon savings…since I’ve been buying extra newspapers & shopping at several more stores, I’ve been able to find some amazing deals and save my hubby lots of money!  Or at least that’s what I keep telling him when I come in the door with all the bags of groceries!

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I’m linking up to the Thrifty Decor Chick’s “Show Us Your Closets” 

Organizing the Kitchen

After organizing my homeschool supplies I realized that I now needed to organize the area in the kitchen where the supplies would be kept…

so as I started moving things around, well….

Of course, one cupboard led to another….

And another….

I think you can see where this is going!

This one is still quite cramped but it’s the only space that will fit a lot of my larger items…

Moving on to the drawers…they weren’t too bad…

The junk drawer got spruced up too!

This was payment for a job well done :’)

Getting Organized for the New School Year

Here in So Cal we have a little over a week left of summer vacation…

once again summer has slipped away far too quickly!

So, in anticipation of homeschooling all three of my kiddos this year (12, 15 & 16),

I decided I’d better start getting everything organized…

The photo above shows how I organized the books into individual bins for my three kiddos…

That way, they can pick up their bin and take it wherever we decide to do school on any given day…

And the bins can be stored in their room and out of my kitchen at the end of each school day!

You might be interested in reading my earlier post about curriculum

Extra supplies I will store in my closet…you’ve got to stock up when the back to school sales are so great!

My “Desk Apprentice” from Staples…my new favorite organizer!

After seeing how other’s on Pinterest used their’s for homeschooling, I knew I just had to have one!

It’s amazing the amount of supplies this puppy holds!

No more rummaging through drawers and cabinets looking for supplies…

Once I’ve got it placed in it’s new home, I’ll share a photo…

I’m hoping to use a spot on my kitchen counter, close to the kitchen table where we do most of our schoolwork.

Now I’ve got to go organize the kitchen counter to make room for my new toy!

It’s Been Awhile…


So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog….I needed to take a break from Blogland, Facebook & Twitter for a few months.

It had to be all or nothing…I needed to reprioritize.  To put my family first & focus more on homeschooling my high schoolers.

I also had more responsibilites added to my (volunteer) position with our soccer league.

In my attempt to be a more intentional blogger (see the previous post), I don’t want to just throw anything onto my blog.

I feel that I need a purpose, a focus.  I realize that right now my writing/sharing should be about where I am right now –

not where I wish I was, envying those who have the time, $, skills & focus that I don’t have or

in a “perfect” world where everything is clean and organized and beautiful.


So, as I was talking to me hubby yesterday I said, “I used to think that I LOVED to organize!”

You know, when you open up the cupboards and all the containers are labeled…or the sheets are separated by size

(not just thrown into the cupboard haphazardly!)…the utensils are neatly arranged in the drawers…the “junk” drawer is something

you are proud to show anyone who will look!  The clothes are neatly lined up according to season, type & color…

I used to enjoy taking the time to do all of that.

Now, I wish I had the time to do it and instead feel guilty that my home is not “perfect”.

As I was thinking about my “real” life, I realized that I spend way too much time thinking about how un-organized I am

and making myself feel guilty (which by the way, does not motivate me to organize my “piles”!)

What’s the answer?  Do I continue to wallow in my piles and get more and more depressed about it?

Or feel guilty because I can’t seem to pull a workable plan together and stick with it?


I love lists and need them to organize my day, but sometimes the list of “things to do” is so overwhelming

that I toss it aside until I guilt myself into picking it back up again!

I have tried a hundred times to make a “schedule”.  I have books & binders full of ideas on how to get myself organized,

step-by-step, one day at a time, even down to the hour!  But, I confess, I am inconsistent.

I get tired and don’t feel like picking up or “shining my sink” before bed

or getting dressed “down to the shoes” when I first get up in the morning!

I am definitely not a morning person…or a night owl for that matter!

What I am is a home schooling Mom, who also volunteers part-time hours (seems more like 24/7!) to our soccer league,

has three very busy kiddos – all of whom play on competitive, traveling soccer teams…two of which my hubby coaches,

so we are busy 4 nights a week and most weekends.  And I’m supposed to plan & prepare meals,

grocery shop (clip coupons, of course), maintain our budget, pay bills, keep the house clean, wash the laundry

and maintain everyone’s schedules – thank God for Blackberry’s!

Whew, I need a nap now!

So, I guess the only thing I can do is to start again! “I think I can, I think I can…”

*I need to renew my attitude and my perspective – daily quiet time

*I need to take better care of myself – exercise a bit each day, eat better, sleep more…

*I need to do something that I “LOVE” to do each day; whether it’s reading a book or a blog for a few minutes each day,

I need to have something to look forward to doing just for me!

*I would like to be more consistent in my blogging & twittering , being mindful of  the amount of time I spend doing it–

I miss you all so much!


I may start following FlyLady again, but slowly at first so as not to burn myself out!

I need consistency in my life but I tend to start out all gung-ho and then get frustrated when I realize I can’t do it all!


So, that’s where I’m at…are any of you struggling with similar issues?

I would love it, if you would share!  Misery loves company – just kidding!

But really, I know that I could use some inspiration from those who’ve “been there”

and some encouragement and ideas to get me going!


Thanks for listening!

Bed & Bath ~ Houseworks Holiday Plan

I’m ready to move on to Week 7: Bed & Bath Week

as I am keeping up with the schedule at Organized Christmas.Com

If you are just joining me and would like to see what we worked on in Weeks 1-6,

click the Houseworks Holiday Plan link in the Categories box on the right side of the page.


Here’s what I plan to work on this week:

Linen Closet and Bathrooms

* Clear away clutter in each bathroom, then deep-clean fixtures, floors and walls.

*Organize personal care storage and prepare for entertaining and guests.

*Clean out the linen closet.

*Return misplaced items to their homes, then organize sheets, blankets and towels

This Week’s Holiday Prep Checklist:

Make a pre-holiday linen check. As you declutter and organize the linen closet, make a quick linen check. If you need sheets, towels, or blankets, add them to the shopping list now.

Start stocking up on bathroom basics. Running out of toilet tissue isn’t a major problem–unless it happens during a holiday party. Before the season begins, stock bathrooms with ample supplies to ward off embarrassment.

Set up a holiday wrap and mail center. Use an empty closet, corner or an under-bed organizer to gather gift wrap, ribbons, bags, tags and supplies. You’ll speed gift wrapping and parcel mailing with supplies all in one place.

Speed mailing chores with an account from USPS.Com. Power to the Postal Service! A free account with USPS.Com makes it easy to buy postage, print labels or arrange for carrier pickup. No more waiting in line!
Buy, wrap and package overseas gifts for mailing.Next week’s mailing deadline means that overseas gifts must be bought, wrapped and packaged for mailing this week.

Begin shopping holiday bazaars–or swaps. Clubs, church groups and organization offer great holiday savings–and a lot of fun–at holiday bazaars. Bazaar season starts in early October; add a few events to your calendar for gifts and decorations.
Divide the Christmas card list into five sections. Complete one section this week. Goal: to be finished writing, signing and addressing cards by November 15.

Inspiration from the Web:

Declutter the Master Bathroom

Gift Buying Solution: Think Consumable!

Christmas Organizing Secret: Set Up A Wrap And Mail Center

Organizing My Tools

As I was looking for a couple of screws to install some hooks in my laundry room,

I realized that my “tool box” was in need of some organization.

Here’s what it looked like before:

I was using a plastic bin to hold some small boxes & baggies of miscellaneous nails, screws & picture hangers, as well as a small level, screwdriver, hammer and other small tools.

Here’s my new and improved tool “drawer”!

I used a large plastic organizer (I believe it was intended for socks, etc.) in a drawer that I currently use for my appliance manuals and a few odds and ends.  I lined the slots with cardstock as small items would have fallen through the bottom. The newly organized hardware box fit perfectly in the largest box in the organizer and I filled the remaining slots with my measuring tape and other small tools.  There was also room in the drawer for my hammer, level & screwdriver.

Here’s a close up of my organized little box of hardware!

Crafting Spaces ~ Link Up!

I’m linking up my Crafting Spaces post to:

The Inspired Room


Since moving into our home in April (and losing my guest room/craft area!)

I now have my crafting armoire in my Master Bedroom.

I also store all of my extra craft supplies and my inventory of handmade & store-bought gifts in my

Master closet so everything is centrally located.

My crafting armoire is on the wall next to our slider so I can see/hear the sights and sounds

of the pool & backyard while I’m creating :’)

Here’s a few photos:

My Craft Armoire!

More crowded than I’d like, but I’m happy that it all has a home!

Love my OTT-LITE!

The black tower on the right is actually a SIZZIX organizer that I use for my paper pads & paint chips.

Love this organizer-caddy thingy!

Bins of paper scraps that are leftover from other projects…

One of my ribbon organizers – I believe it’s called a “Ribbon Ring” but I can’t remember…

This beauty is great for taking supplies from place to place!

And here’s where I hide all of my totes and my Cricut – nicely hidden by my curtains :’)

Here’s a few of my “dream” crafting spaces:

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Have fun!

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