Wire Brush and a Weather-beaten Bench

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If case you haven’t already guessed by my title,

I had a run in with a wire brush this weekend!

And boy are my back and shoulders sore from all of the scrubbing…

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Here’s the culprit:

¬†An old, wood & iron, weather-beaten bench…

::   ::  ::

It was originally located on our side yard,

where the path meanders through a forest of rose bushes, trees & vines…

Shot taken before the gardeners cut everything back this winter!

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As my hubby & I were having a relaxing, late breakfast by our pool

we were discussing what changes we would like to make in the backyard this Spring…

No, it didn’t rain, my hubby just sprayed off the concrete :’)

::   ::   ::

We talked about how we could rearrange the furniture…

install a ceiling fan over the ¬†patio table…

pour some concrete on the back side of our pool as we both hate the dirt!

::   ::   ::

And then I remembered the sad little bench sitting on the side yard all alone!

My hubby really didn’t want to move the 500 lb “ugly” bench (as he put it!)

only to have to move it back over to the side yard if I didn’t like it there…

But, being the sweet and patient man that he is,

and knowing that I probably wouldn’t shut-up about it until we tried it,

we lugged the very heavy bench to the backyard.

Here she is before her makeover…

And after a long afternoon of scrubbing with my wire brush, vacuuming the dirt & dust,

more scrubbing and inhaling said dirt & dust,

and finally sanding and vacuuming again….

She looks so much better!

::   ::   ::

I thought that it might be fun to paint the iron black but my daughter was very much against it…

“You’ll ruin it! ¬†Why would you want to paint it?!!!!”

I think she fell in love with it’s white & rusty patina after taking many photographs

of it in it’s old home on the side yard…

Here’s one of her photos…

::   ::   ::

So, hubby & I decided we’d leave the iron alone

and¬†I will find a nice mahogany ¬†or other dark stain for the wood…

I’ll also seal it with a clear coat so that it will withstand the weather

(and so I won’t have to use my wire brush on it again!)…

::  ::  ::

I’ll be sure to post an update when it’s all done!


Weekend Projects: Master Closet & Laundry Room

I love January! ¬†I love the feeling of a fresh start – fewer weekend commitments & more hours to do the things I want to do around my house. ¬†This past weekend I was able to devote several hours on my Master bedroom, closet & laundry room…before I show the after pictures of my Master closet I must warn you! ¬†If you like custom made, perfectly organized with matching containers & hangers, you may want to skip this post! ¬†I simply re-organized the space after several months of neglect and stashing of Christmas presents!

Here goes…

Bookshelves provide extra storage under the hanging clothes bar…bins on top hold miscellaneous craft & school supplies.

This area doesn’t look too pretty but the hanging storage is great for extra cereal, crackers, granola bars, etc. ¬†Now that I’m couponing on a larger scale, I need more places to store my growing stash!

Now onto the Laundry Room where I basically cleaned out the clutter & items that were waiting to be put back in their proper homes…

Sorry that the font is in varied sizes on these photos…I’m still learning how to use Picnik!

I’ll be back later in the week with an update on my coupon savings…since I’ve been buying extra newspapers & shopping at several more stores, I’ve been able to find some amazing deals and save my hubby lots of money! ¬†Or at least that’s what I keep telling him when I come in the door with all the bags of groceries!

::   ::   ::

I’m linking up to the Thrifty Decor Chick’s “Show Us Your Closets”¬†

Organizing the Kitchen

After organizing my homeschool supplies I realized that I now needed to organize the area in the kitchen¬†where the supplies would be kept…

so as I started moving things around, well….

Of course, one cupboard led to another….

And another….

I think you can see where this is going!

This one is still quite cramped but it’s the only space that will fit a lot of my larger items…

Moving on to the drawers…they weren’t too bad…

The junk drawer got spruced up too!

This was payment for a job well done :’)

My Thanksgiving Tablescape

I wasn’t planning to even do a Thanksgiving tablescape this year as

my Mom-in-Law hosts Thanksgiving at her house every year….

then, I started seeing all of your beautiful tables across blogland and I was inspired!



Since I’ve never hosted Thanksgiving, I haven’t invested in any Fall dishes…

these are my everyday dishes and siverware….

Don’t look too closely as I didn’t take the time to dust off my wine glasses!





So, I basically stole items from around the house that I was using to decorate other spaces,

added a few candles (did you notice the leaning candlestick – lol!), oh, and the material I used as a runner

is a piece that I had used as a valance in my old house…nothing new, ¬†just repurposed!









Organizing My Tools

As I was looking for a couple of screws to install some hooks in my laundry room,

I realized that my “tool box” was in need of some organization.

Here’s what it looked like before:

I was using a plastic bin to hold some small boxes & baggies of miscellaneous nails, screws & picture hangers, as well as a small level, screwdriver, hammer and other small tools.

Here’s my new and improved tool “drawer”!

I used a large plastic organizer (I believe it was intended for socks, etc.) in a drawer that I currently use for my appliance manuals and a few odds and ends.  I lined the slots with cardstock as small items would have fallen through the bottom. The newly organized hardware box fit perfectly in the largest box in the organizer and I filled the remaining slots with my measuring tape and other small tools.  There was also room in the drawer for my hammer, level & screwdriver.

Here’s a close up of my organized little box of hardware!

Crafting Spaces ~ Link Up!

I’m linking up my Crafting Spaces post to:

The Inspired Room


Since moving into our home in April (and losing my guest room/craft area!)

I now have my crafting armoire in my Master Bedroom.

I also store all of my extra craft supplies and my inventory of handmade & store-bought gifts in my

Master closet so everything is centrally located.

My crafting armoire is on the wall next to our slider so I can see/hear the sights and sounds

of the pool & backyard while I’m creating :’)

Here’s a few photos:

My Craft Armoire!

More crowded than I’d like, but I’m happy that it all has a home!

Love my OTT-LITE!

The black tower on the right is actually a SIZZIX organizer that I use for my paper pads & paint chips.

Love this organizer-caddy thingy!

Bins of paper scraps that are leftover from other projects…

One of my ribbon organizers – I believe it’s called a “Ribbon Ring” but I can’t remember…

This beauty is great for taking supplies from place to place!

And here’s where I hide all of my totes and my Cricut – nicely hidden by my curtains :’)

Here’s a few of my “dream” crafting spaces:

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Have fun!

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