Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 8 (Dinette Butcher Block Table & Sink Cover)


We’re getting so close to being completely done with our remodel!! My awesome hubby used some of our leftover butcher block to rebuild our dinette table and to make me a cover for the sink!


We used the original dinette table to measure out the new butcher block table and  were also able to use all the original hardware!

Here’s my new sink cover ~ I absolutely love it! I saw some great ideas on Pinterest¬†and the many RV Facebook groups I belong to and we came up with this design.¬† I had leftover knobs from my kitchen remodel so now it has more than one function.¬† It gives me additional counter space¬†and doubles as a tray!


To make sure that the sink cover wont slide around I attached cork pads to the bottom…

Next up I’ll share some miscellaneous projects that I’ve been working on to add some more of our woodland/rustic/farmhouse style to the RV to make it even more homey!

For links to the products we used in our renovation, check out our “Shop Our Motorhome” page!


Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 7 (Wrap-Up & Before/Afters)

I’ve written in detail about our 1990 Winnebago Class A Motorhome remodel in previous posts & now I’ll wrap it all up with lots of before & after pictures!

Here she is! Not too much to look at on the outside just yet…but wait until you see the inside!

But first, a few before shots…

Ok, these next pictures will be much better, I promise!!

We still have a few projects left to complete (building a new dinette table) & paint to touch up, but we’re in the home stretch now!!!

For links to all of the products we used, check out my “Shop Our Motorhome” page!

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 6 (Bedroom & Flooring)

I am really happy with how the bedroom is turning out! I’m loving how much brighter it is now…compared to this next picture!

Yikes!!! Here’s a few more shots of the new & improved bedroom…

I’ve had a lot of questions about the floors in the motorhome…the laminate floors were given to us by a friend so I don’t have a link to share but here’s the info:

The luxury vinyl tiles that we used in the bath area are from Lowe’s:

Updated to include links to products we used:

Beyond Paint in Bright White, Soft Gray & Pewter

Curtain Fabric From Hobby Lobby

Puck Lights

Wire Wall Basket

Branch Hook

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Next up: a wrap up of our motorhome remodel with before & after pictures…

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 5 (Kitchen)



Moving on to the kitchen! The cute puppy is obviously what makes the picture! There are still things to be done in this area, such as painting the range & hood, but it’s looking 100% improved!

Here’s a before picture to jog your memory in case you’ve forgotten:



Here’s a few more after shots…



We didn’t wire in the wall lamp as we didn’t want to mess with the RV wiring so I attached a small, battery operated puck light up inside the lamp.¬† It comes with a remote so it’s easy to operate!


The kitchen area still needs some touch up but it’s almost done

We are still working on the dinette table & hope to replace the top with some leftover butcher block…a fun project was to cover the booth wall in rustic barn wood & add antler hooks for keys & such…

Update!! Here is the finished dinette table!! Hubby used the hardware from the old table and attached it to the butcher block and I love it!!


Here are the links to the items we bought for the kitchen & dining area:

Tic Tac Tiles ~ Amazon

Butcher Block Countertops ~ IKEA

Faucet ~ Lowe’s (similar to this one)

Stovetop cover ~ Camping World (similar to this)

Curtain Fabric ~ Hobby Lobby

Oil Rubbed Bronze for Hardware ~ Amazon

Wall lamp ~ Lowe’s

Battery Operated Puck Lights ~ Amazon

Woodland Pictures ~ IKEA

Gunmetal Arrow Fabric on Dinette ~ Hobby Lobby

Black vinyl Fabric on Dinette ~ Hobby Lobby

Barn Wood Wall Kit ~Lowes

Antler Wall Hook ~ Amazon

Coming up next: Bedroom & Flooring…

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Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 4 (Bath)


Before we even started tearing out flooring or putting paint on the walls, I spent lots & lots of time on the internet (Pinterest & Facebook Groups mostly) putting together my plan for our motorhome remodel.¬† In the beginning, I was just going to paint & recover the upholstery…when my hubby joined in on the planning he said “if you’re gonna do it, do it all the way!” So that’s when the real fun began!

Here’s a link to my RV Board on Pinterest – which is where I pinned so many of the ideas that got my creative juices flowing!!

Here’s a photo of our bathroom in progress¬†~ I LOVE IT!!

Here are links to the items we bought for the bathroom…

Tic Tac Tiles ~ Amazon

Curtain Fabric ~ Hobby Lobby

Butcher Block Countertops ~ IKEA

Sink ~ Amazon

Faucet ~ Amazon

Buckets ~ IKEA

Rail ~ IKEA

Hooks ~ IKEA

Basket ~ Amazon

Toilet ~ Amazon

Woodland Picture ~ IKEA


I wish the bathroom in my house looked this good!! Up next: The Kitchen!

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Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 3 (Paint)



When I started the painting process, it was super hot here in So Cal so I took all of the cabinet doors into my house to paint in the nice, cool air conditioning! I started the process by first cleaning all of the cabinet doors & hardware with Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner.

simple green

Here is a link to the paint that I used – Beyond Paint – I love it because you don’t have to sand or prime before using it!


I also found this blog post & video by Must Have Mom titled “How to Paint RV Walls & Cabinets” to be very helpful – she also uses Beyond Paint in her RV.

As I did with the cabinets, I also used Simple Green on the interior of the motorhome before painting.¬† Then, just as you would in a typical home, I used my FrogTape Painters Tape to tape off walls, etc…I also used it to plan the layout in my bathroom, so I would know if the baskets & things I wanted to use would actually fit!


Here’s a few photos of some of the cabinets & walls being painted…




             Soft Gray on Wall                  Pewter on Fridge & Cabinets


Pewter on Accent Wall…Bright White on Cabinets, Hallway & Bedroom


Bright White on Walls & Cabinets…Pewter on Lower Half of Wall


Already such a big change!! Coming up: Tile, Bath & Kitchen Fixtures & More!

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Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 2 (Demo)

As promised, here are some photos I took during the demo/remodeling of our 1990 Winnebago Class A RV…be forewarned – they are not pretty!!!




Be sure to number your cabinet doors & their corresponding cabinets so that you know where to put them back after you paint them! I used¬†FrogTape…I also took pictures as I was removing things – just in case I forgot where they went!


My handsome hubby removing the stinky, stained blue carpet…


After pulling out the carpet & linoleum we realized that we would have to add some plywood to even out the flooring…


Took out the wall mirror, ugly brass towel bars & the huge, heavy medicine cabinet that hung over the toilet…

Next up: Paint!!

Motorhome Remodel ~ Part 1 (Before)

I haven’t blogged in quite a few years but have had so much interest in our¬†motorhome remodel that I decided it was time to start posting again! Over the next few days/weeks I will share the Before’s & After’s of our remodel as well as links to all of the products we have used along the way.¬† This should be fun!

Here she is, our 1990 Winnebago Chieftan 32ft Class A Motorhome, on one of our first camping trips…


Eventually she’ll get a new paint job but for now we’re ok with her 1990’s looks!

Are you ready to see lots of brown & blue???

RV front


RV 1


rv bedroom 1


rv bedroom 2


Wow!! I do not miss the old motorhome one bit!!!

Stay tuned for some work-in-progress photos…

Pinterest Friday! Top 10 for March 9th, 2012!

Hooray for Friday!!!

It’s time for my Top 10 Pinterest Pins….

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Here’s where you can find last week’s picks..

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As I continue to follow more & more people on Pinterest,

It’s getting considerably more difficult for me to pick just 10 favorites each week!

Here we go….

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1.  Using Linky Tools on Your Blog at Blogs by Heather

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2.  11 Ways to Print Instagram Photos by Mashable Social Media

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3.  Cleaning Stove Burners & Grates by The V Spot

*This works really well but be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area as there will be fumes*

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4.  This Outfit Takes Me Back to My Country Roots!  From

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5.  Entry Closet Makeover at House of Smiths

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6. ¬†St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallow Pops at The Decorated Cookie

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7. ¬†Converting Owner’s Manuals into iPad Books by Apartment Therapy

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8.  Christmas Card Book by Close to My Art

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9.  Crispy Cheddar Chicken by Jamie Cooks It Up

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10.  Cake Boss Party by Passion for Parties

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