DIY Coupon Sleeves


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After seeing this pin for DIY coupon holders (by  Erin at Taking Time to Create),

I decided to give it a try…

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The first thing I did was to measure out my grid…

I used a baseball card sleeve that I currently have in my coupon binder as a template…

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Then I just slid it into a clear sheet protector…

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Next I slid the page under the needle on my sewing machine and followed the lines!

Make sure to backstitch each end to make sure that you’re stitches don’t come out!

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Almost done!

With a very light touch, carefully slide an exacto knife’s blade

just under the first row of horizontal stitches, being careful not to cut into the stitching…

Be sure to flip it over & do the backside too…

The bonus in

DIY-ing these coupon holders is that they are double-sided!

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So simple!

I would have never thought to use my sewing machine to do a project like this…

but in the space of about 20 minutes,

I had five, new, double-sided coupon sleeves!

And for about half the price of store-bought baseball card sleeves :’)

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CVS Deals ~ 2/22/12

I scored at CVS this week!

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I love it when the receipt just keeps coming & coming…

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Here’s how the deals breakdown:

Slim Fast Shakes 4 pk ~ $6.49 reg price, $5.00 sale price + $1.50/1 coupon = $3.50


Wisk Laundry Soap ~ $8.99 reg price, $4.99 sale price + $1/1 coupon = $3.99


1 bottle of Vitamin Water ~ $1.77 reg price, $.99 sale price = $.99


3 boxes of General Mills Cereals ~ $8.40 reg price, $5.97 sale price, $1/3 coupon = $4.97


Schick Intuition 3pk refill ~ $12.29, $8.99 sale price, $2/1 coupon = $6.99


4 Fructis Styling Aids (Hair) ~ $18.66, $11.96 sale price, 4 – $1.00/1 coupons = $7.96


Dial Nutriskin Lotion ~ $6.99, $4.99 sale price, $1/1 coupon = $3.99


Total Cost = $32.39

Here’s where it gets fun!! ¬†I had $21.00 in Extrabucks from my last shopping trip…

My total is now $11.39 + tax, for a grand total of $14.22!!!!!!


So my receipt says I saved a total of $58.17 and

it shows the Extrabuck amounts I need to receive the next reward…

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Here are the Extrabucks I earned for my next trip ~ $10.00 total!!!

I also scored a couple more coupons…

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I would say that this worked out to be a very profitable trip to CVS!!!

CVS Deals 2-3-12


My total is a little higher than I like to spend at a drugstore but there were some great offers from buying multiples of certain products so I decided it was worth it in the long run.
Total spent at CVS: $60.18
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Total Saved at CVS: $54.80
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Total Extra Care Bucks earned: $21.00!!!!!!!!
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For a grand total of $39.18 for all of the items pictured below ($114.98 regular priced) !!!!!!!!!!!!
Not too shabby if I do say so myself :’)

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Grocery Deals 2-2-12

I found some fabulous deals at Stater Bros & Albertson’s this week!


Here’s a link to Money Saving Mom’s blog where I go to find Stater Bros deals…

And here’s a link to Save at Home Mommy where I find my So Cal Albertson’s deals…(I found this link at The Krazy Coupon Lady’s website here.)

Here’s a look at my finds at Stater Bros…

Pork Spareribs are on sale for $1.99 per lb so I grabbed 2 large racks for my freezer stash.  I was also able to get frozen pizzas for $3.49 a piece & Ragu pasta sauce for $1.00 a jar!!!

Total spent at Stater’s: $64.63

Total saved at Stater’s: $42.56

: :  : :  ::

Here’s a look at my Albertson’s deals…

Albertson’s sent out a “book of savings” this week with their ad & it’s loaded with great coupons like: Dennison’s Chili for .99 cents…1 lb bag of baby carrots for .69 cents & Jennie-O Lean Ground Turkey (16 oz) for $2.50!!! ¬†I was able to add some manufacturers coupons to some of the Albertson’s coupons for even greater deals: ¬†Delimex 25 ct Beef Taquitos – $4.99 with in-ad coupon…down to $2.99 with $2/1 manufacturers coupon!!!

Total spent at Albertson’s: $28.63

Total saved at Albertson’s: $27.56!!!!!!

::  ::  ::

I’ll hopefully be hitting CVS, Rite Aid & possibly Target this weekend…stay tuned!

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My Growing Stockpile

I’ve been using my new couponing methods for less than a month now and am already seeing great results!

Today I did my grocery store shopping for the upcoming week. Because there were so many great deals at the grocery stores this weekend I ended up spending my week’s grocery budget & will skip the drugstores this week. ¬†It was well worth it though as I was able to stock up on many items including chicken & ground beef. ¬†Click here to see my drugstore savings from last week.

Here’s the lowdown on my purchases:


**Spent $65.82

***Saved $67.03!!!



**Spent $78.51

***Saved $93.87!!!


Stater Bros:

**Spent: $53.30

***Saved: $32.03!!


Total Spent: $197.63

Total Saved: $192.93!!!

Basically, I brought home just under $400 worth of groceries for under $200…

A savings of 50%!!!  YAHOO!!

Here’s some photos of my growing stockpile that I keep all over the house & in the garage…

Pantry drawers are filling up…

Fridge & freezer are pretty packed too…

I’m blessed to have an extra refrigerator in the garage – it’s ugly but it still works!

Some of my 36 rolls of paper towels that I scored at CVS last week!

More paper towels & toilet paper – ran out of room in the cupboard!

Onto my bathroom…

And lastly, the master closet…

Organizing for 2012…

As I’ve been working on my goal of getting more organized this year, here are a couple of things I’ve put into place this week…we’ll see how they work out…

1. ¬†Countertop file box with file folders for mail to read & file, bills to pay, weekly ads, coupons to be clipped…these photos from Pinterest were my inspiration:

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Mrs Rojas Teaches

2. ¬†Large Family Calendar that sits next to the file box on a Cookbook stand…and a notepad & pen.

4. ¬†Monthly Cleaning & Organizing Calendar Sheet – clipped to outside of file box…Clean Mama’s Clean & Organized 2012 January Calendar is free here…along with many other great ideas!

5. ¬†Coupon Binder – I’ve tried many methods over the years for couponing, the most recent being filing the coupon sheets by date & clipping them when I am making my weekly shopping list using the Grocery Game. ¬†This year I wanted to try something new…I’ve been following the Krazy Coupon Lady on Facebook for awhile now and happened to see her book – “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey”¬†while in Barnes & Noble. ¬†After glancing through it I came home ready to check out her website and dive in! ¬†Here’s a link to her ideas for organizing a coupon binder, including free downloadable binder category tabs & a video tutorial on setting up your binder.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

It took some time to set up my binder but if I cut out coupons each week when they come in the Sunday newspaper it shouldn’t take me longer than 30-45 mins to stay organized. ¬†I have several blogs that I follow for the best deals at my favorite stores (Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Stater’s, Target & CVS) so I will use those to compile my weekly shopping lists. ¬†Here are a few of my favorites:

*Save at Home

*The Krazy Coupon

*Deal Seeking



Here’s how I did with this week’s shopping:

*Ralph’s – spent $50.62 & saved $61.25 ~ a savings of 55%!

*Albertson’s – spent $88.01 & saved $65.98 ~ a savings of 43%!

*Total – came home with $265.86 worth of groceries that I only paid $138.63 for!

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