Salvation Army Finds & a Linky Party!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to our local Salvation Army store

and while I was there, I picked up these…

How much you ask??  Well, the price tags said $2.35 (each), which is a fantastic deal…

But when the cashier rang me up, the total cost was only $3.30!!!

I had forgotten that everything is 30% off on Wednesday’s – yahoo!!!!

::  ::   ::

They found a new home in my pantry…

::   ::   ::

::   ::   ::

::   ::   ::

::   ::   ::

Now all my tea and sweeteners are nice and organized!

Not too shabby for $3.30!

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Now it’s your turn!

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Happy linking!

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Home Stories A2Z

Organizing the Kitchen

After organizing my homeschool supplies I realized that I now needed to organize the area in the kitchen where the supplies would be kept…

so as I started moving things around, well….

Of course, one cupboard led to another….

And another….

I think you can see where this is going!

This one is still quite cramped but it’s the only space that will fit a lot of my larger items…

Moving on to the drawers…they weren’t too bad…

The junk drawer got spruced up too!

This was payment for a job well done :’)

Homemade Gifts from the Kitchen

One of my favorite magazines arrived in my mailbox this week ~ Taste of Home!

Their motto is “Real Food From Real Home Cooks.”

I’ve been reading this magazine for years now and always find helpful tips, yummy recipes

and heart-warming stories in each issue.

This month’s issue was packed full of good stuff,

and I thought I would share an article about homemade gifts from the Kitchen.

I’m always looking for new and creative ideas for homemade gifts and this article fit the bill!

It was written by Libby Spicker and she shares her Mom, Susanne’s, holiday gift giving traditions…

Bread is one food item that I have never given as a gift for the holidays ~ what a great idea!

These are jumbo muffins, so you could make one for each member in a family…

Wrap them up in cellophane & a pretty ribbon…

These could be made ahead and frozen until you need a quick gift…

And these delightful little treats could be given as a muffin or dressed up as a cupcake!  Yum!

I thought you might like to have the recipes for these yummy homemade gifts so here you go!

What is your favorite Homemade Gift to give at the Holidays and why?

Do you have a special family tradition?  Or maybe a recipe that people always ask you for?

I’d love you to leave some comments!

Maybe I’ll even do a Homemade Gift linky party in the upcoming days – would you be interested?

Cooking Space ~ Houseworks Holiday Plan

I’m ready to move on to Week 10: Cooking Space Week

as I am keeping up with the schedule at Organized Christmas.Com

If you are just joining me and would like to see what we worked on in Weeks 1-9,

click the Houseworks Holiday Plan link in the Categories box on the right side of the page.


This Week’s Focus:


Inspiration from the Web:

Kitchen Declutter: Cut Clutter in the Kitchen

Menu Planning: Save Time In The Kitchen

Holiday Baking Solution: Make It A Specialty

Save Money on Holiday Meals




This Week’s Houseworks Checklist

Get down and dirty with a kitchen clean-up! American Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners put new emphasis on the household’s kitchen. This week, we tackle kitchen clutter, cleaning and organization

Moving shelf by shelf, cupboard by cupboard, take on kitchen clutter this week. Using the STOP clutter method, bring food preparation workspaces to a lean, mean, efficient state.

Once clutter is conquered, a kitchen clean-out is in order. Rout out the grime and corral the crumbs for a sparkling holiday kitchen.

Don’t worry about pantry, freezer or refrigerator just yet … we’ll turn to food storage areas next week.



This Week’s Holiday Prep Checklist

Organize holiday recipes. It’s November … do you know where your seasonal recipes are? Dig out the recipes you use during the holiday season, and add them to the holiday recipes planner. Thanksgiving Day is too busy to waste time hunting for the Green Bean Casserole recipe.

Plan Thanksgiving menus. If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving feast, it’s time to make a menu plan. Use a menu planner form, and delegate, delegate, delegate!

Plan holiday baking. With recipes out, make a list of baked goodies you’ll make for the holidays. Our holiday baking plannerform is a good place to start.

Buy containers for freezer meals, baked goods or kitchen gifts. Holiday-themed disposable containers are available now. Double up on freezer food storage bags, too; they’ll do triple duty this month.

Order Thanksgiving turkey.

Bake any fruitcakes or Christmas cakes which require mellowing. Now’s the time to bake the Christmas cakes! You’ll have eight weeks to mellow them before the season.

Do a tabletop check. Inventory serving pieces, stemware, china and flatware. Check store flyers for sales. Will you be ready to set a pretty holiday table?


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