Pinterest Friday!

Welcome back to Pinterest Friday!

If you missed last week’s post, you can see it here

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Can I just tell you that it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to

pick my favorite pins each week?

There are just soooo many great ones to choose from!!!

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Well, here goes!

1.  Blog Topics Organizer by Bridgett Edwards

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2.  How to Shoot in Manual Mode for Beginners by So I Married a Mennonite

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3.  How to Clean Your Dishwasher at One Good Thing by Jilee

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4. ¬†Great Video Tutorial for Curling Your Hair at It’s the Small Things Blog

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5.  Laundry Room Makeover at My Cottage Charm

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6. ¬†8 Incredible Edible Treats for St. Patrick’s Day at The Design Confidential

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7.  Chalkboard Menu Tutorial by Whipperberry

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8.  Organizational Labels at World

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9.  Rotisserie Chicken Apple Pecan Salad by Unsophisticook

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10.  Coconut Oil as a Skin Moisturizer by How Does She

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Hope you enjoyed this week’s top 10 pins!


Salvation Army Finds & a Linky Party!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to our local Salvation Army store

and while I was there, I picked up these…

How much you ask?? ¬†Well, the price tags said $2.35 (each), which is a fantastic deal…

But when the cashier rang me up, the total cost was only $3.30!!!

I had forgotten that everything is 30% off on Wednesday’s – yahoo!!!!

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They found a new home in my pantry…

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Now all my tea and sweeteners are nice and organized!

Not too shabby for $3.30!

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Now it’s your turn!

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Happy linking!

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Pinterest Friday is coming!

This week begins the inauguration of Pinterest Friday here at Deb’s Heart and Home!

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If you haven’t yet read the post by my friend Becky entitled

“How to organize your Pinterest” here,

be sure to check it out!

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Each Friday I plan to share my Top 10 Favorite Pins of the week…

Here’s a link to my current Pinterest boards…

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I’ll be sharing from my favorite categories:

1. Blog Tips

2. Camera Tips

3.  Cleaning Tips

4.  Fashion

5. Home

6.  Holidays

7.  Household Tips

8.  Organize

9.  Recipes

10.  Parties

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Hope you’ll join me!

Becky from Organinzing Made Fun Shares About Pinterest!

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In anticipation of of my new weekly series “Pinterest Friday”,
I’ve asked my friend & fellow blogger, Becky from Organizing Made Fun,
to share her thoughts on Pinterest.
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Hi, I’m Becky from Organizing Made Fun!

In my attempt to organize just about everything possible, I’m going to give you some ways to keep organized by using Pinterest, while you’re on Pinterest, or just trying to keep up with Pinterest etiquette.

If you are wondering “What in the world is Pinterest?”…well, you my friend, are in for a treat! In order to be a part of Pinterest, you must be invited {which you can ALWAYS ask me for an invitation and I will gladly send you one}. Once you are invited, you can begin to find friends or follow others on there. You can also use the tool called a “pin-it button” that can sit in your tool bar. Anytime you see something fantastic on the internet, you can “pin” it into one of your many pinboards – a virtual bulletin board, and how organized is that?

1.¬†Have a set time each day to go on Pinterest. If you find yourself lost on Pinterest for hours at a time, set a timer and stop when it’s up – cause I know too many of you can go overboard and waste time {cause you’ve left comments about it}.¬†That’s not a good thing…so be careful.¬†Or, better yet, set a specific time each day/week to go on there to get inspiration. You don’t want to get lost for a long time. I usually go on Pinterest in the evening with my laptop and watching a TV show with hubby.¬†

2. Make your pinboards fit your needs. For instance, if you mostly like certain things, say, organizing – you can label all kinds of boards about organizing. Also, feel free to add more…make up your own theme of boards. I have a plethora of organizing boards. ¬†

3. When you are pinning something from a website or blog, be sure to not click on the Home Page, but click on the specific post. When you click on the Home page and try to go back and follow your pin, you won’t be able to find it. That costs you {and anyone else who’s re-pinning} time. I often go back to look up a recipe I’ve pinned to cook it, so I want to be sure I don’t spend my time searching the whole website again. See the above tutorial on how to pin a permalink URL.

4. Get the Pinterest app…well, it’s fun. Anytime I have ¬†a moment I’m waiting in line somewhere, I pull out my phone and Pin!! This is probably the best use of wasted time anyway…so THIS is a great app! Plus, if you are out and about and need to refer to something you pinned – pick up a craft supply, a grocery item, etc. – it’s right there with you. I often want to share a pin with a friend and can show them – party stuff, cute ideas, etc.

5. When searching, try using different words to type your search. For instance, if you want to find some ways to organize your closet, you could type “organized closet” or “organized” or “organize” or “organizing” or “closet” – note: organize vs. organized! You’d be surprised that it changes a lot! Be creative when searching and remember to look at the pin AND the board in the search engine.

6. Organize your boards by using the rearrange button. I try to organize mine with having all my main “themed” {organizing} boards at the top of my page, so when people want to follow my Pinterest, they can choose those first. I put my more personal boards {kids stuff, gifts for the family, stuff I find for my friends} WAY down at the bottom so that they don’t have to choose that. You can do whatever you want, but I don’t necessarily want to follow everyone’s boards. If I see some nasty stuff pop up on my home page, I immediately go to that person’s pin boards and unclick from their board that contains that. I mostly want a few main categories to follow anyways.

7. Now, when you pin, please don’t copy the entire blog post. I know most of you have no idea why that’s bad “pinner” etiquette, but it IS considered so. I am not really that concerned with most of my stuff, but if you copy a cleaning tip or recipe it’s not nice. Bloggers work hard to put out a lot of this information that you pin and we are happy to let you pin – putting together the project, taking photos of it, editing photos, writing the post, and editing that. So, if you could only put necessary information when you pin, so that when others re-pin from you, it will have them go TO our websites and find out what else we have there, too. I know that when I’ve pinned a recipe, I usually JUST put the title. It’s really best to go TO their website and get the full recipe/directions/tutorial that’s much more accurate and you can see more photos of it, generally, to actually help YOU, too!¬†

8. Last {my favorite part}, since you have ALL your favorite pictures stored in Pinterest and can add more and more each day….you now have no reason to keep all those magazines that you’ve been holding on to for so long. It’s time to purge and get rid of whatever stuff you’ve been hanging on to! Donate or recycle but you don’t need to hang on them once you realize that there is amazing stuff on there you can keep virtually forever!! Did you know HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, and many more have Pinterest boards? As well, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Etsy, and William Sonoma {many more, I’m sure}…so why hang on to those catalogs either?

OK…so now that’s out of the way! You know lots of etiquette, organizing, and ways to do things when using Pinterest! Tell me, do you LOVE Pinterest?¬†

Pin It

Weekend Projects: Master Closet & Laundry Room

I love January! ¬†I love the feeling of a fresh start – fewer weekend commitments & more hours to do the things I want to do around my house. ¬†This past weekend I was able to devote several hours on my Master bedroom, closet & laundry room…before I show the after pictures of my Master closet I must warn you! ¬†If you like custom made, perfectly organized with matching containers & hangers, you may want to skip this post! ¬†I simply re-organized the space after several months of neglect and stashing of Christmas presents!

Here goes…

Bookshelves provide extra storage under the hanging clothes bar…bins on top hold miscellaneous craft & school supplies.

This area doesn’t look too pretty but the hanging storage is great for extra cereal, crackers, granola bars, etc. ¬†Now that I’m couponing on a larger scale, I need more places to store my growing stash!

Now onto the Laundry Room where I basically cleaned out the clutter & items that were waiting to be put back in their proper homes…

Sorry that the font is in varied sizes on these photos…I’m still learning how to use Picnik!

I’ll be back later in the week with an update on my coupon savings…since I’ve been buying extra newspapers & shopping at several more stores, I’ve been able to find some amazing deals and save my hubby lots of money! ¬†Or at least that’s what I keep telling him when I come in the door with all the bags of groceries!

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I’m linking up to the Thrifty Decor Chick’s “Show Us Your Closets”¬†

Organizing the Kitchen

After organizing my homeschool supplies I realized that I now needed to organize the area in the kitchen¬†where the supplies would be kept…

so as I started moving things around, well….

Of course, one cupboard led to another….

And another….

I think you can see where this is going!

This one is still quite cramped but it’s the only space that will fit a lot of my larger items…

Moving on to the drawers…they weren’t too bad…

The junk drawer got spruced up too!

This was payment for a job well done :’)

Getting Organized for the New School Year

Here in So Cal we have a little over a week left of summer vacation…

once again summer has slipped away far too quickly!

So, in anticipation of homeschooling all three of my kiddos this year (12, 15 & 16),

I decided I’d better start getting everything organized…

The photo above shows how I organized the books into individual bins for my three kiddos…

That way, they can pick up their bin and take it wherever we decide to do school on any given day…

And the bins can be stored in their room and out of my kitchen at the end of each school day!

You might be interested in reading my earlier post about curriculum

Extra supplies I will store in my closet…you’ve got to stock up when the back to school sales are so great!

My “Desk Apprentice” from Staples…my new favorite organizer!

After seeing how other’s on Pinterest used their’s for homeschooling, I knew I just had to have one!

It’s amazing the amount of supplies this puppy holds!

No more rummaging through drawers and cabinets looking for supplies…

Once I’ve got it placed in it’s new home, I’ll share a photo…

I’m hoping to use a spot on my kitchen counter, close to the kitchen table where we do most of our schoolwork.

Now I’ve got to go organize the kitchen counter to make room for my new toy!

Back to School in Three Weeks!!!!!

Where did the summer go????  How did June disappear so quickly and now July has become a blur!

As I realized how near the beginning of the 2011 school year was, I started to panic! ¬†Ahh, I need to nail down my curriculum choices and start making some purchases! ¬†Thank goodness I had put in a few hours of research in the spring and had been keeping my eyes and ears open for more ideas…

So, today, I spent another five hours or so on my computer…making sure my order with Timberdoodle was finished by noon so that I could receive free shipping…checking ebay to see if some of the curriculum I wanted was listed at a better deal (now let’s hope I win the auction!)…checking Amazon, Rainbow Resource & Christian Book Distributors pricing as well…

Then I had a couple of subjects that I just wasn’t sure of yet…Math for my 7th grader who will be homeschooling for the first time – do I use Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra like I did with my girls? ¬†He’s quite a gifted student so I want to make sure that he’s challenged but at the same time, that the transition from public school to home would be a smooth one – for both of us! ¬†So, I used several sites for advice: Cathy Duffy Reviews, Home School & ¬†Life of Fred stuck out to me & my son – it’s very non-traditional in it’s approach but all of the reviews I read were very positive about how comprehensive the curriculum is – and it’s approximately one-third of the price of typical math curriculum.

I also needed to research a Spanish curriculum that was given to us (Berlitz Spanish Premier Software), to make sure that it would comprehensive enough to count for high school credits. ¬†This turned out to be much more difficult than I expected! ¬†I still don’t have a concrete answer…most sites recommend Rosetta Stone – but I really don’t want to shell out more money if I can use what I already have…

So, here’s what I have ordered/planned so far:

11th Grader:

Math ~ Teaching Company DVD Series – Algebra II

Easy Grammar Ultimate

Editor in Chief C2

Wordsmith Craftsman

The Fallacy Detective

Cracking the SAT 2011 Edition

History ~ World Empires, World Missions, World Wars by Diane Waring

Science ~ taking an Anatomy & Physiology class at our Christian School

Foreign Langage ~ Berlitz Spanish Premier Software

P.E. ~ Club Soccer


10th Grader:

Math ~ Finishing Teaching Textbooks Algebra & then starting Algebra II

Easy Grammar Ultimate

Editor in Chief C2

Wordsmith Craftsman

The Fallacy Detective

History ~ World Empires, World Missions, World Wars by Diane Waring

Science ~ Sonlight Science 5 ~ Health, Medicine & Human Anatomy + Precepts of Anatomy & Physiology (added to bring the curriculum up to high school level)

Foreign Langage ~ Berlitz Spanish Premier Software

P.E. ~ Club Soccer



7th Grader:

Math ~ Life of Fred, Beginning Algebra

Easy Grammar Plus

Editor in Chief B1

Wordsmith Student

The Fallacy Detective

History ~ Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries by Diane Waring

Science ~ Sonlight Science 5 ~ Health, Medicine & Human Anatomy

P.E. ~ Club Soccer



Storage ~ Houseworks Holiday Plan


Pottery Barn



I’m moving on to Week 14: Storage Week

as I am keeping up with the schedule at Organized Christmas.Com

If you are just joining me and would like to see what we worked on in Weeks 1-13,

click the Houseworks Holiday Plan link in the Categories box on the right side of the page.










Here’s some inspiration to get you started!


Organizing the Holiday Decorations: Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Christmas Gift Wrap Storage

Cleaning Up & Clearing Out





This Week’s Houseworks Checklist

  • Organize storage areas. Ransacking a crowded attic is nobody’s idea of a good holiday time. This week, organize household storage areas as you bring forth holiday decorations. Whether it’s attic, garage, closet or shed, take time to tidy up household storage. Inexpensive storage organizers can help keep clutter from creeping into corners–and a neat storage area will make it easier to return decorations to their year-round home at season’s end.

This Week’s Holiday Prep Checklist

  • Begin family Advent observances. Advent begins on Sunday; consider your family’s traditions carefully.¬†New! Will a¬†magic elfvisit your home this year?
  • Complete holiday decorating.
  • Order Christmas ham, roast or poultry.
  • Finish gift shopping. Where you can, wrap as you go to prevent a long night with the tape and ribbons on Christmas Eve.
  • Mail domestic gifts. Just say “no!” to lines at the post office; use USPS.Com to purchase postage, print shipping labels and arrange for carrier pick-up.
  • Check cameras and camcorders Be ready to capture the moment. ¬†Will you need to buy film, batteries, cassettes or storage media? ¬†Add any needed items to the shopping list.
  • Make an under-tree “emergency box”. Use a gift-wrapped box with removable lid. ¬†Placed under the tree, it holds extra bulbs, fuses, ornament hooks and batteries.

This Week’s Christmas Planner Pages to Print

Magic Elf LetterMagic Elf LetterMagic Elf PassportMagic Elf PassportMagic Elf ReportMagic Elf Report

Holiday TraditionsHoliday Traditions

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