Pinterest Friday! Top 10 for March 9th, 2012!

Hooray for Friday!!!

It’s time for my Top 10 Pinterest Pins….

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Here’s where you can find last week’s picks..

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As I continue to follow more & more people on Pinterest,

It’s getting considerably more difficult for me to pick just 10 favorites each week!

Here we go….

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1.  Using Linky Tools on Your Blog at Blogs by Heather

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2.  11 Ways to Print Instagram Photos by Mashable Social Media

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3.  Cleaning Stove Burners & Grates by The V Spot

*This works really well but be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area as there will be fumes*

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4.  This Outfit Takes Me Back to My Country Roots!  From

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5.  Entry Closet Makeover at House of Smiths

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6. ¬†St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallow Pops at The Decorated Cookie

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7. ¬†Converting Owner’s Manuals into iPad Books by Apartment Therapy

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8.  Christmas Card Book by Close to My Art

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9.  Crispy Cheddar Chicken by Jamie Cooks It Up

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10.  Cake Boss Party by Passion for Parties

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Pinterest Friday!

Welcome back to Pinterest Friday!

If you missed last week’s post, you can see it here

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Can I just tell you that it’s not as easy as I thought it would be to

pick my favorite pins each week?

There are just soooo many great ones to choose from!!!

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Well, here goes!

1.  Blog Topics Organizer by Bridgett Edwards

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2.  How to Shoot in Manual Mode for Beginners by So I Married a Mennonite

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3.  How to Clean Your Dishwasher at One Good Thing by Jilee

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4. ¬†Great Video Tutorial for Curling Your Hair at It’s the Small Things Blog

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5.  Laundry Room Makeover at My Cottage Charm

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6. ¬†8 Incredible Edible Treats for St. Patrick’s Day at The Design Confidential

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7.  Chalkboard Menu Tutorial by Whipperberry

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8.  Organizational Labels at World

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9.  Rotisserie Chicken Apple Pecan Salad by Unsophisticook

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10.  Coconut Oil as a Skin Moisturizer by How Does She

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Hope you enjoyed this week’s top 10 pins!

Pinterest Friday Begins Today! My Top 10!

Welcome to Deb’s Heart and Home!

Today is Friday and the debut of my new series: Pinterest Friday!

Please join me each week as I list my Top 10 Favorite Pins of the week…

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Here are my Top Ten Favorite Pins for this week…

Drumroll please!!!

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1.  The Best Time to Blog Infographic by Dan Zarella

2.  Manual Photography Cheat Sheet from Living in the Stills

3.  DIY Dishwasher Detergent by Being Creative to Keep My Sanity

4.  Purple & Grey Comfy Outfit by htotheb on Polyvore

5. Thrifty Decor Chick’s Backyard with Fireplace

6. ¬†St. Patrick’s Day Decorating & Craft Ideas by The TomKat Studio

7.  How to Remove Scratch Marks from Dishes by Mom Outnumbered

8. Personalized, Erasable Calendar by Home Stories A to Z

9.  Snickerdoodle Muffins by Eat Me, Delicious

10.  Photo Backdrop for Party by Jen at Tatertots and Jello

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Pinterest Friday is coming!

This week begins the inauguration of Pinterest Friday here at Deb’s Heart and Home!

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If you haven’t yet read the post by my friend Becky entitled

“How to organize your Pinterest” here,

be sure to check it out!

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Each Friday I plan to share my Top 10 Favorite Pins of the week…

Here’s a link to my current Pinterest boards…

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I’ll be sharing from my favorite categories:

1. Blog Tips

2. Camera Tips

3.  Cleaning Tips

4.  Fashion

5. Home

6.  Holidays

7.  Household Tips

8.  Organize

9.  Recipes

10.  Parties

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Hope you’ll join me!

Becky from Organinzing Made Fun Shares About Pinterest!

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In anticipation of of my new weekly series “Pinterest Friday”,
I’ve asked my friend & fellow blogger, Becky from Organizing Made Fun,
to share her thoughts on Pinterest.
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Hi, I’m Becky from Organizing Made Fun!

In my attempt to organize just about everything possible, I’m going to give you some ways to keep organized by using Pinterest, while you’re on Pinterest, or just trying to keep up with Pinterest etiquette.

If you are wondering “What in the world is Pinterest?”…well, you my friend, are in for a treat! In order to be a part of Pinterest, you must be invited {which you can ALWAYS ask me for an invitation and I will gladly send you one}. Once you are invited, you can begin to find friends or follow others on there. You can also use the tool called a “pin-it button” that can sit in your tool bar. Anytime you see something fantastic on the internet, you can “pin” it into one of your many pinboards – a virtual bulletin board, and how organized is that?

1.¬†Have a set time each day to go on Pinterest. If you find yourself lost on Pinterest for hours at a time, set a timer and stop when it’s up – cause I know too many of you can go overboard and waste time {cause you’ve left comments about it}.¬†That’s not a good thing…so be careful.¬†Or, better yet, set a specific time each day/week to go on there to get inspiration. You don’t want to get lost for a long time. I usually go on Pinterest in the evening with my laptop and watching a TV show with hubby.¬†

2. Make your pinboards fit your needs. For instance, if you mostly like certain things, say, organizing – you can label all kinds of boards about organizing. Also, feel free to add more…make up your own theme of boards. I have a plethora of organizing boards. ¬†

3. When you are pinning something from a website or blog, be sure to not click on the Home Page, but click on the specific post. When you click on the Home page and try to go back and follow your pin, you won’t be able to find it. That costs you {and anyone else who’s re-pinning} time. I often go back to look up a recipe I’ve pinned to cook it, so I want to be sure I don’t spend my time searching the whole website again. See the above tutorial on how to pin a permalink URL.

4. Get the Pinterest app…well, it’s fun. Anytime I have ¬†a moment I’m waiting in line somewhere, I pull out my phone and Pin!! This is probably the best use of wasted time anyway…so THIS is a great app! Plus, if you are out and about and need to refer to something you pinned – pick up a craft supply, a grocery item, etc. – it’s right there with you. I often want to share a pin with a friend and can show them – party stuff, cute ideas, etc.

5. When searching, try using different words to type your search. For instance, if you want to find some ways to organize your closet, you could type “organized closet” or “organized” or “organize” or “organizing” or “closet” – note: organize vs. organized! You’d be surprised that it changes a lot! Be creative when searching and remember to look at the pin AND the board in the search engine.

6. Organize your boards by using the rearrange button. I try to organize mine with having all my main “themed” {organizing} boards at the top of my page, so when people want to follow my Pinterest, they can choose those first. I put my more personal boards {kids stuff, gifts for the family, stuff I find for my friends} WAY down at the bottom so that they don’t have to choose that. You can do whatever you want, but I don’t necessarily want to follow everyone’s boards. If I see some nasty stuff pop up on my home page, I immediately go to that person’s pin boards and unclick from their board that contains that. I mostly want a few main categories to follow anyways.

7. Now, when you pin, please don’t copy the entire blog post. I know most of you have no idea why that’s bad “pinner” etiquette, but it IS considered so. I am not really that concerned with most of my stuff, but if you copy a cleaning tip or recipe it’s not nice. Bloggers work hard to put out a lot of this information that you pin and we are happy to let you pin – putting together the project, taking photos of it, editing photos, writing the post, and editing that. So, if you could only put necessary information when you pin, so that when others re-pin from you, it will have them go TO our websites and find out what else we have there, too. I know that when I’ve pinned a recipe, I usually JUST put the title. It’s really best to go TO their website and get the full recipe/directions/tutorial that’s much more accurate and you can see more photos of it, generally, to actually help YOU, too!¬†

8. Last {my favorite part}, since you have ALL your favorite pictures stored in Pinterest and can add more and more each day….you now have no reason to keep all those magazines that you’ve been holding on to for so long. It’s time to purge and get rid of whatever stuff you’ve been hanging on to! Donate or recycle but you don’t need to hang on them once you realize that there is amazing stuff on there you can keep virtually forever!! Did you know HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, and many more have Pinterest boards? As well, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Etsy, and William Sonoma {many more, I’m sure}…so why hang on to those catalogs either?

OK…so now that’s out of the way! You know lots of etiquette, organizing, and ways to do things when using Pinterest! Tell me, do you LOVE Pinterest?¬†

Pin It

My Blogging Inspiration

A few weeks ago I wrote a post here about my 2012 Blogging Goals…

I also shared that there would be a part two to this conversation

about my blogging inspiration….

::   ::   ::

First of all, let me start by telling you a bit about how my blog posts are created…

Your brain might work like mine:

I will start my day off with a list of things “To Do”…

Things I’d like to do and things I’d really like to put off for another day (or month, or year!).

A Holy

::   ::   ::

Then, I will get distracted by something else and my brain will go off on a tangent!

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more flexible (oh how it hurts to write that dreaded word!!)

and to let myself go in a different direction than I had originally planned for the day.

I’ve decided to label these moments as “inspired”…

Inspired to work on a project with my kiddos or in my house…

Inspired to create a yummy meal for my family…

Inspired to write a new blog post ~

This is difficult as sometimes I can’t sit down in front of my computer.

::   ::   ::

So, I’ve learned to whip out a sheet of paper real quick and just jot down all of the thoughts

that are flying through my brain at that moment (can be scary at times!)….

::   ::   ::

I figure that as long as the important stuff gets done around my house in a timely manner,

it’s doesn’t really matter the order that I do it in, right?

Of course, my husband’s opinion on what is “important” may be different than mine :’)

Lately I’ve learned that if I’m feeling inspired to write, I’d better stop what I’m doing and write!

I find that’s when the words flow the smoothest & the quickest…

::   ::   ::

I usually start off my day with one of my favorite iPhone apps called Flipboard.

It’s basically an app where I can view my favorite blogs, Facebook & Twitter

in a quick and easy format.

::   ::   ::

I also do a lot of surfing on Pinterest!

I’ll share more about my favorite blogs and why they inspire me in a bit…

::   ::   ::

I have found that if I start my day off in this way,

I am more apt to get involved in the day’s activities with a good attitude,

looking forward to the time when I can sit down at the computer or with my iPhone

to check out the pages I’ve pinned…

Or maybe I’ve been motivated¬†to be a more organized homeschooling Mom…

or to stay motivated throughout the day to stay on top of all of the menial,

day-to-day tasks that tend to bog me down mentally.

I’m sure you can relate to my routine of getting kids up, getting them ready for school…

keeping them focused & motivated to complete their schoolwork…

doing a million loads of dishes & laundry…

trying to remember to plan out dinner…

cleaning the house…

chauffering kiddos all around town…

the carpooling, errands, meetings, etc., etc., etc.!!!!

Whew!  I need to go take a quick nap, be right back!!

Oh, I forgot, I don’t have time for a nap…

I guess I’ll have to take a short mental break…

Hello Pinterest!

Crazy Mom Quotes ~

::   ::   ::

All kidding aside, I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be a Stay-at-Home Mom…

I pray that I will continue to be “inspired” to press on

and to fight the daily fight with everyone in blogland!

I so enjoy reading about other bloggers lives

and am so thankful for the time and energy they put into writing good, real,

and useful content to share with those of us who need it!

They are such a blessing to me and I hope, in turn, to be a blessing

and maybe even an inspiration to someone else :’)

::   ::   ::

Here are the bloggers who I currently have on my Flipboard and a brief synopsis of each:

1.  Thrifty Decor Chick ~ Sarah gets the #1 spot as she was my very first blogger to follow!

Sarah keeps it real with awesome DIY projects & a style very close to my own…

2.  A Holy Experience ~ Ann Voskamp has a style of writing that is so beautiful!

She posts daily inspiration with words that sear my heart & leave a lasting impression…

I highly recommend her book: “One Thousand Gifts”

3. ¬†The Inspired Room ~ Melissa’s blog is a mix of inspiration & DIY.

You’ll leave her blog feeling like you’ve just made a new friend :’)

4.  Organizing Made Fun ~ Becky, who happens to be a college buddy of mine,

takes you into her beautifully DIY’d home (is that really a term?)

and her sensible style of organizing with a down-to-earth style of writing that I really enjoy.

5.  Tatertots & Jello ~ First off, I love the name of her blog!

Jen’s style is very near to my own and I always find great tutorials & tips on her blog.

6.  Life in Grace ~ Edie is another writer who God has blessed with an amazing gift!

She is a deep-thinking, share-what’s-on-your-heart kind of gal who loves God

and loves to share what he is doing in her life.

She also has a beautiful, new home that was recently built…

Click here¬†and see the amazing rebuilding, one year after a devastating fire…

7. ¬†Nesting Place ~ if you haven’t heard of The Nester

you might have been living under a rock for the past few years!

She combines her unique style, with down-to-earth tips & thoughts

all in a beautifully crafted blog…

8.  Home Stories A 2 Z ~ love her style, easy-going personality, funny stories

and¬†terrific DIY & tutorials…

9.  Centsational Girl ~ I grew up in the area that Kate lives in

and¬†love to see her posts on¬†Northern California & the Wine Country…

She also has an amazing sense of style, creative DIY projects and very helpful tutorials…

10.  Last but certainly not least ~ Tip Junkie!

I don’t know where this gal finds all of the time & energy it must take

to put such helpful content on her blog – and I believe she has more than one blog!

It’s loaded with tons of helpful tips, DIY projects and more…

I could list so many more wonderful blogs

that I love to read (look to the right of this post & scroll up for a list)…

but there’s that dreaded laundry waiting to be done…

dishes needing to be unloaded…

kiddos needing to be tended to..

So that’s all for now!

I’m linking to: Weekend Bloggy Reading

Blogging Goals ~ 2012

Before I list my blogging goals for 2012

I need to share why I got into blogging in the first place.

A few years ago I found Thrifty Decor Chick

and she forever changed my idea of bloggers!

The way she wrote about her DIY projects

made me feel like I was actually reading

about a real person with real issues

who could even live next door to me!

Before, I would look at Pottery Barn or

Restoration Hardware for inspiration,

but I could never afford to duplicate anything

beyond the color on the walls or maybe furniture placement.

Then I met Sarah…

she showed me how to paint furniture with spray paint and

how to spot a really “special” piece at Goodwill

that I could transform into something useful & pretty.

She wasn’t afraid to post pictures of her mistakes

but with her quick wit & humor showed me that she was a real person,

not someone living in a showroom or mansion!

There have been many other bloggers

who have inspired me in the past few years

and I will share my “blogging inspiration” in another post,

but for now I want to get back to my blogging goals…

Me, keeping it real!!

I think the most important goal for me

is to keep it real with every post I write,

whether I’m showing you how I organized my closet

or perhaps sharing my heart with you.

I want anyone who reads my blog to know

that my life isn’t perfect and neither is my home.

Google Images

When I started out blogging I was afraid to post pictures

that were less than perfect or with anything out of place.

But then I realized that the bloggers I enjoy the most

are the ones who aren’t afraid to share their messes

or failures and that I don’t need to portray myself (or my home)

as something I’m not.

I’m a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom

of 2 teenage daughters and an almost teenage son

who keep me running all over town with soccer practices,

games, parties, youth group…

and the list goes on and on!

But I really wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

My “babies” 8 years ago…where did the time go?

I think the secret to enjoying my crazy life

is realizing this:

1. Kids grow up way too fast so enjoy em’ while you got em’!

 2.  God made me who I am for a reason

and I need to stop whining about where I fall short

and just continue to seek after Him, day after day,

one foot in front of the other!

3. ¬†Most people don’t really care if I dress in the latest fashions

or have a spotless home.

 They care more that I am honest about where I am in my life

and am willing to share the things I learn along the way.

Bottom line is:  As much as I would love the perfect-looking house,

beautifully decorated & organized,

I want even more to portray who I really am

and how I am enjoying my not-so-perfect life.

I hope that you’ll continue to come along for the ride!

Here’s a quick list of the blogging goals that I have made for 2012:

*Blog consistently

*Blog intentionally with content that is relevant

to what is going on in my life

*Learn to take better photos and how to use editing programs

*Keep my blog’s “look” up-to-date and appealing

*Continue to look toward the future in blogging –

linky parties, tutorials, possibly advertisers…

Here are a couple of links to some great blogging tools

that I found recently on Pinterest:

*Blog Topics Organizer (free printable) by Perideau Designs

*Blog Calendar (free printable) by Living Locurto

*Here is the link to my Pinterest board that has lots of “Blogging Tips”

that I haven’t had the chance to read yet

In my next post I’m going to share my “blogging inspiration” – stay tuned!

On My Pinterest Boards For Christmas!

Here’s some of the Christmas ideas I’ve been pinning to my boards on Pinterest lately…

To see all of my Pinterest boards click here.


Homemade Cookie Dough – YUM!

We “Wisk” You A Merry Christmas – clever!

30 Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas! Great for teachers & friends too!

Free Christmas Letter Templates at

Printable Christmas Tags for Coloring.

Oreo Snowman pops

Christmas Party Ideas & Printables

These are just a few of the many ideas I have pinned so head over to my Pinterest page to see the rest!

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Have you signed up for Pinterest yet?

If not, you are missing out on all sorts of creativity and fun!

I’m new there, but you can follow my boards if you’re interested in seeing a little peek into things I love and links I find around the web!

Click here to check out my boards: “debshearthome

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Here’s what I’ve got pinned on my “Fall” board…


pumpkin crunch recipe. this looks like the ultimate fall dessert!

Pumpkin crunch recipe. this looks like the ultimate fall dessert!


Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

101 fall crafts

101 fall crafts

28 DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

28 DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

Branch candle holders

Branch candle holders

Goblin Bait - popcorn, candy corn, M&Ms, white chocolate!

Goblin Bait – popcorn, candy corn, M&Ms, white chocolate!

Acorns....Donut Hole, Pretzel Stick, Nutella (or canned frosting) and chocolate sprinkles.  Easy peasey!

Acorns….Donut Hole, Pretzel Stick, Nutella (or canned frosting) and chocolate sprinkles. Easy peasey!

Make your home smell like fall (with what you have in the pantry). YUM.

Make your home smell like fall (with what you have in the pantry). YUM.

1 like  6 repins

Love the idea of an initial or monogram on pumpkins in the doorway.

Love the idea of an initial or monogram on pumpkins in the doorway.

Fall 2011 Nesting Party...

Fall 2011 Nesting Party…

Fall nesting party

Fall nesting party

Yummy Apple Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Yummy Apple Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting!

Dollar Store version of William and Sonoma hurricane -- so simple and cheap!

Dollar Store version of William and Sonoma hurricane — so simple and cheap!

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte... if this is really true. Oh. My.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte… if this is really true. Oh. My.

fall decor - so pretty!f

all decor – so pretty!

Use the hurricane vase from the Dollar Tree, white candles, twin/leaves, and some beans as the simple and inexpensive @House of Hepworths

Use the hurricane vase from the Dollar Tree, white candles, twin/leaves, and some beans as the filler…so simple and inexpensive @House of Hepworths

#laundry room makeover with burlap and free door! Darling!

#laundry room makeover with burlap and free door! Darling!

lovely #Fall #Pumpkins so pretty!!

lovely #Fall #Pumpkins so pretty!!

Love this mantel with lit up branches

Love this mantel with lit up branches

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